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WLT’s aim is to share all things learning Thai: Resources (some free, some not), interviews to inspire, and tips on learning Thai. There are even free Thai giveaways so do stick around. Also included are expat experiences, often with a smattering of Thai thrown in.

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What’s in a nav?…

The About hosts the history of WLT, but the guts of WLT can be found in the Sitemap (which has categories) and the Quick Archives (posts in the order they were written).

In Guest Writers you’ll find the jewels of WLT. The top guest writers are: Sean Harley, Hugh Leong, Yuki Tachaya, Tod Daniels, Andrej, Rikker Dockum, and Luke Cassady-Dorion.

The Thai books section has a list of books on the Thai language, Thai reference, Thai phrasebooks, and native Thai texts.

A hot new page, Thai-Thai & Thai-English Study Resources, includes a list of Thai study materials that are either Thai only (Thai-Thai) or have been translated from Thai to English (Thai-English), not English to Thai (which can produce funkiness). Thai dictionaries, grammar books, full courses, reading and writing courses, pronunciation lessons, typing tutors and games, Thai fonts and more.

In FREE Thai Resources be sure to check out the massive Learn Thai for FREE! page as well as Thai Courses, Thai Schools, a list of Thai Teachers (one-on-one) and there’s even a post on Thai Skype Teachers and schools too.

Top posts on WLT…

If you want to get an idea of what WLT is all about, start with a few top posts (some by Guest Writers, some not):

Please do stop by often as I’ll be refining this page to better help you find what you need. And if you would like to be a Guest Writer go ahead and contact me (if you have actual hands on experience with the Thai language).