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Andrew Biggs is Tongue Thai’d on YouTube

Andrew Biggs: Tongue Thai'd

Tongue Thai’d is not just on TV…

Do you remember last week when I posted that Andrew Biggs is Tongue Thai’d on TV? And then we were all like YEAH! But then, being too eager, couldn’t find his show on MCOT asap? Well, I have even better news. Tongue Thai’d is being fed to YouTube. Double yeah! Especially for those living overseas.

I’ve created a playlist of Andrew’s videos on my WLT YouTube channel, so all you have to do is start at video one and work your way down. Andrew is busy getting practice sheets on his site for you to work with so be sure to download those as well.

WLT’s YouTube Playlist: Tongue Thai’d Andrew
Tongue Thai’d: Practice Sheets (no longer available)

If you have a cacca connection, like I sometimes do, you might want to download the videos to your computer. In HandBreak Thai Language Videos for the iPhone I walk you through downloading YouTube videos via Safari.

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  1. Hi Catherine, I just downloaded อเมริกา – แช่ม แช่มรัมย์ .
    In Safari, you should install ClickToFlash AND MediaCenter 1.9 (find it on the Safari Extension store (from Safari app menu). When Media Center in active, you right click on the freme and you get in the popup menu one item that should be some thin like Start download (I have it in French). Then wee will see the video jumping in the download basket !

  2. Wow. That was fast. It took bare minutes to add MediaCentre and download America. Bernard, if you were here I’d hug you. Thanks!

  3. BTW: I’ve translated America. I just need to get Khun Narisa to look it over before I share it here.

  4. Andrew just uploaded three more videos (I’ve added them to the WLT playlist).

  5. A heads up… There are now 40 videos on the Tongue Thai’d playlist, and 25 pdf’s to download (links are in the post).

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