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AUA’s ALG Thai YouTube Videos at AUAthai.com

AUA videos now at AUAthai.com

AUA’s ALG videos now at AUAthai.com…

Welcome to Monday everyone. This is just a short post to point you to a new location for AUA’s videos. Formerly, AUA’s ALG Thai videos were only found on their YouTube channel: ALGWorld.

They’ve now created a home for the videos on their site: Learn Thai Language Videos. Just scroll down to the level you need. At the moment they only go to level 2, but please be assured that the rest are being added.

And from what I understand, David Long has plans for much more…

AUA videos on YouTube

More about AUA…

Being a Monday is no excuse for a short short post (or is it?) So here are a handful of links for you to cruise:

AUA online:
Twitter: @auathai
Blog: AUA Thai
Website: AUA Language Centre
YouTube: ALGWorld

AUA bloggers:
Bakunin Learns Thai (no longer online)
Dan’s Adventure in Bangkok
Journey to Thai
sweet and coolbeans: learning Thai

Successful Thai Language Learner: David Long
Review: Thai Language Schools in Bangkok
AUA Thai Videos on YouTube
HandBreak Thai Language Videos for the iPhone

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  1. Hi Cat, I think these videos are great. I like the AUA way of doing things. I tend to focus too much on reading Thai but these lesssons seem far more practical. I also think that it is great that they are providing so much for free.

  2. Hi Paul. I enjoy the AUA videos as they are entertaining. I’m like you. I’m too one-sided. So creating a balance in my Thai learning is important. With everything in my life, I get into one way of doing something and… sigh… I need a mother. Or a manager. Someone who is not afraid to use a whip :-)

  3. Cat, I enjoyed the videos as well. I really like this style of teaching as well. Hope they continue to ad to the free lessons.

  4. Hi Talen. I talked to the programmer putting those up and he says more are on the way. As for the new direction of AUA’s videos, it’s a wait and see…

  5. Only a couple of weeks have passed and the domain http://www.auathai.com is already vacant.

  6. Vacant? I’m getting it on my computer. I checked other browsers just to make sure it wasn’t in cache.

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