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Blogging in Bangkok: Thai-Stars.com


Blogging in Thailand, Bangkok, Ari, bingo…

New since June of 2008, Women Learn Thai is definitely shiny. And being shiny new, I was smiling wide as Stefan added WLT to the Thai-Stars.com roster.

Thai-Stars.com presents the top websites about Thailand. Packed with links to travel sites, personal blogs, information portals and websites of great hotels, resorts, spas. Created for people interested in quality info about The Land Of Smiles. Together we share one passion: Thailand!

A taste of Thai-Stars.com…

On the list you’ll find Thai language learning sites such as Rikker’s Thai 101 (his knowledge keeps me in awe), and Learn to Speak Like a Thai (by the massive Paknam Web).

The news blogs are as fearless as Thailand allows: 2bangkok.com (heaps of history, news and more), The Bangkok Bugle (news and opinions – no longer online), and thaizer.com (Thai tips and travel guide – no longer online).

How to vote on Thai-Stars.com…

Thai-Stars.comThe idea is to rate each blog by clicking on the number of stars you believe they deserve.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, all the way up to ten. Ten is good.

And for each IP address, you have one allowed click. You can vote on as many sites as you wish, but only one time.

Simple, yes? Ten is good, yes? ;-)

Other blog/site lists…

The top 100 Thailand blogs: Accept no imitation
From The Lost Boy, a list that has grown and seasoned over the years.

Blogging Thailand
If you look to WLT’s top nav, you’ll find a few resources. Blogging Thailand is one.

As ever, this post will be edited if or when more are found.

Why? Because Designers DON’T Just Design.

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  1. The Thai blog rankings are a very good idea but I do feel the ranking engines do need a little tweak. Thai Stars and The Lost Boy rankings are both open to a little vote rigging, but with a tweak here and there they would become a very good benchmark for the top Thai blogs.
    Very nice site.

  2. I was wondering about vote rigging as the results do seem odd. But I do know that you can only vote once as it logs your IP.

    And since it keeps the IP address, all my friends working for the same company couldn’t vote at work.

    A pity, as they always forgot once they are home!

    The Lost Boy is another great Thai ranking site. Both are an excellent way to see what’s happening in Thailand.

  3. Great list and post. Thanks for the info.

  4. You are welcome. And thanks for stopping by.

  5. Thanks for mentioning my blog – Brit in Bangkok. Just wanted to mention, you don’t need a Typepad account to comment – just have to type in the validation letters :-)

  6. Ah hah! I must have been having one of my all thumbs off days ;-)


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