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Cat Cartoons Episode Seventy Nine: Learn and Love the Thai Language

รู้รักภาษาไทย: Cat Cartoons…

เสียงเด็ก ๆ ร้องเพลง: รู้รักภาษาไทย
Sound of children singing: Learn and Love the Thai Language.

ผู้บรรยาย: ตอน ปลากะพง – ผัดกะเพรา
Narrator: Episode – ‘Bplaa ga-pong’ – ‘Pat ga-prao’.

เก่ง: โอ้โห อาหารน่ากินจัง
Geng: Wow! The food looks great!

ก้อย: มีปลากระพงกับผัดกระเพราด้วย
Goi: There’s ‘Bplaa gra-pong’and ‘Pat gra-prao’ too.

เก่ง: ก้อยกระดกลิ้นมากไปแล้ว กะพง กับ กะเพรา จ้ะ ไม่ใช่ กระพง กับ กระเพรา
Geng: Goi, you’re rolling your tongue too much. It’s ‘Ga-pong’and ‘Ga-prao’, not ‘Gra-pong’ and ‘Gra-prao’.

วิเชียรมาศ: ชั้น(ฉัน)นึกว่าเป็น ปลากระพง กับ ผัดกระเพา ซะอีก
Wi-chian maat: I actually thought that it’s ‘Bplaa gra-pong’and ‘Pat gra-prao’ to begin with.

สีสวาด: ไปกันใหญ่แล้ว เดี๋ยวก็งงหรอก จำไว้ว่า กะพง กับ กะเพรา กะ ไม่มี ร เรือ ควบ
Si Sawat: That’s even worse. You’ll just get confused. Remember, the ‘Ga’ in ‘Ga-pong’ and ‘Ga-prao’ does not have a ‘Ror reua’ as part of a consonant cluster.

ผู้บรรยาย: กะพง เขียน ก ไก่ สระอะ พ พาน ง งู กะเพรา เขียน ก ไก่ สระอะ สระเอ พ พาน ร เรือ สระอา
Narrator: ‘Ga-pong’ is written ‘Gor gai’, ‘Sara a’, ‘Por paan’ and ‘Ngor ngoo’. ‘Ga-prao’ is written ‘Gor gai’, ‘Sara a’, ‘Sara ay’, ‘Por paan’, ‘Ror reua’ and ‘Sara aa’.

แมวทั้งสามตัว: แล้วพบกันใหม่นะครับบบ (ครับ)
All Three Cats: See you again next time!

เสียงเด็ก ๆ ร้องเพลง: รู้รักภาษาไทย
Sound of children singing: Learn and Love the Thai Language.


‘Bplaa ga-pong’ (ปลากะพง) means ‘sea bass’.

‘Pat ga-prao’ (ผัดกะเพรา) means ‘(a) Thai style basil stir-fry dish’.

PDF Downloads…

Below is a pdf download (created by Catherine) to help with your studies. It has Thai script, transliteration, and English.

Download: Cat Cartoons Episode Seventy Nine: Conversation

The Cat Cartoon Series…

Original transcript and translation provided by Sean Harley. Transliterations via T2E (thai2english.com).

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  1. What a marvelous column! And I’ve only joined up in time for the 79th episode? I’ve got some catching up to do…

    Thanks for the excellent material! I’m very inspired by this stuff 😀💓

  2. Thanks a bunch, Khun Dave! You know what they say, ‘It’s never too late to start (something great)!’ :)

    Seriously though, learners of the Thai language like you, who find the Cat Cartoons useful and inspiring, make our Cat Cartoons journey a truly rewarding experience and inspire us to keep at it.

  3. Hi Sean:

    I got some nice ideas for how to use your videos and dialogue to improve my Thai. Thank you for that.

    See the link below for an account of my experience searching for the best “phat graprao” in Thailand. It was similar to another piece I did years ago looking for the best hamburger in Hamburg.

    Catherine and others will hate my transliteration but in my defense that post was directed to people who knew nothing about Thailand but were interested in reading about my travels.

    If you read my post you will see how I got “Graphrao” very wrong, just like the cat in your video.

    But the title of your series made me wonder: is it named after Catherine, or did Cat happen to “catch” her nickname from the series?



  4. Quick note to Catherine: my android is probably acting up cuz your site isn’t recognizing me as a new regular. Any advice?

    Also after checking out Sean’s stuff I looked at most of Tod Daniels’s columns and also Luke Cassady-Dorion’s TV shows. There is so much good stuff here!

    I could relate to Tod’s curmudgeonly viewpoint (kinda similar to my own). But even if you don’t share his views you gotta love his writing styleZ.

    And while I really admired Luke’s fluency with sentence construction, I must also admit to feeling encouraged by the knowledge that I’d be able to give him some good pronunciation tips–because for me his tone mistakes really stuck out like a (good) sore thumb!

    I HATE this funking website!! I been here all week and I got other stuff to do, y’all, but I love you too…

  5. Hi Dave. I have to approve all links in comments. But, in saying that, there’s no reason why your second comment didn’t go through. It also caught Sean this week so something weird is going on.

    Btw: There’s going on nine years of posts (almost 1000 in all) so you are sure to be at it for awhile. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it :)

    The Cat Cartoon series has been around for awhile but I acquired my nickname (Cat) years before that when forums became popular. Feeling pity on sore fingers, those with long names (and a heart) pared down to something more manageable. If you say, “hey Cat!” in the real world I’ll just keep on walking.

  6. Dave, I just read your pepper experience and I can so relate! I like spicy and I’m either not believed and it’s bland or they ramp it up something fierce (which I appreciate). And as I don’t eat rice I get the full whack.

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