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Copyblogger: How to Show Up and Study Thai

Copyblogger: How to Show Up and Study Thai

How to show up and study Thai…

Taylor Lindstrom has a Copyblogger post that could work equally well for learning Thai: How to show up and write.

Only, put successful language learner instead of writer. And for write, put study.

So it’d be like this:

Ask any successful language learner how to study, and they will tell you, logically enough: Study.

Study every day. Study at the same time. Study for hours. Study for 20 minutes. Just show up and study.

You’ve heard this advice before and you haven’t taken it yet.

You meant to. But you haven’t.

This is not entirely your fault, because while the advice is not complicated, it’s nearly impossible to follow.

Mostly because it’s way too simple.

“Because it’s way too simple”

Taylor just might be on to something.

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  1. Very true. Very simple. Very difficult. :-) Thanks for this reminder.

  2. So true , so true. Studying is the key and something I have been putting off lately and making excuses for.

  3. Talen, being ill is a real reason for slacking off on Thai lessons. I hope you are on the mend? Now, about that spoon…

  4. Cat, being sick is a good excuse but a lame one at the same time…My new nurse is helping to some extent though.

    I still think sleeping dictionaries are the way to the future…everyone should have one.

  5. Talen, I’m glad that you are being taken care of – with your sweeties hightailing it for the holidays, you’d be in a sorry state on your own.

    Sleeping dictionaries… yeah… and if I ever find the desire to speak with a London accent, I’ll seriously think about it. But, it really doesn’t solve my Thai problem, now does it ;-)

  6. Taylor Lindstrom’s post is a very good one for potential and existing writers, and replacing write with study is a very clever ploy indeed by you. A set routine towards studying, not just a language but anything, is probably the best way to succeed. Those who took their school lessons seriously would be the perfect proof of that. There’s nothing more routine or scheduled in life than school lessons.

  7. Reiner, somehow I missed you all the way up there! And I agree – difficult! But if we could just follow the simplicity of Taylor’s advice we’d have it sussed.

    Martyn, I just found the wonderful writing of Taylor Lindstrom (the link to her site was added later so please do browse if you get the chance). Going back to school needs a routine to be successful. Absolutely. And maybe this is why some students decide to take formal lessons via a school – it enforces the routine.

  8. Hi Catherine, don’t worry, I’m on my way. In reading Thai script I have made ​​a breakthrough. Letter by letter, but it is making progress. Day by day in small steps :-)

    A satisfied customer gave me a brand new iPod as a gift. Now I can also study with the ClickThai Vocabulary Trainer from Theo Pitsch, with which I am also in contact, from developer to developer :-)

    You are very busy to publish new information every day. Thanks for sharing the wealth of information about our Thai language topic.

  9. Congrats on getting the Thai script down Reiner it’s always great when it clicks. A free iPod? Lucky! And you are just going to love Theo’s Vocab trainer as it’s one of my favourite apps (out of about 4).

    You are welcome Reiner :-) I could blog 24 hours a day easily but I try and keep it to a reasonable run.

  10. Sorry for the incredibly late response, I’ve been busy doing many things…but studying my Thai has not been on the top of the list :( By the way, do you and Lani have some sort of conspiracy going? Because this and her last post, has certainly given me the guilts.

  11. Snap, It might be because studying a language goes in swings and roundabouts. We get all revved up and saturate ourselves with all things Thai language but then life comes in and before we know it, months have gone by. Thing is, it’s a long-term investment of time so coming up for air is needed or our heads will explode. How’s that? Not buying it? Then how about we blame Lani instead? She’s too busy not studying Thai to read this so she’ll never ever know!

  12. Catherine, you’re so naughty! Blame Lani it is then ;)

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