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FREE Downloads: Gla and Geo (there is life after Manee)


Download FREE Gla and Geo ebooks…

The most famous (and cherished) Ministry of Education coursebooks for kids learning how to read Thai is the Manee series. But that was many updates ago.

Thanks to Sasathorn on the FCLT FB Group, I now know about a later version called Gla and Geo. This series is also out of print but you can get pdfs online for free at e-bookfreeload or DataStudent.net.

Both sites are a pain to access (beware of porn popups) so I’ve uploaded the series to app.box.com. While I was there I also uploaded Manee.

Gla and Geo: Thai Coursebooks Grades 1-6
Manee and Friends: Thai Coursebooks Grades 1-6

Hardcopy of the latest Ministry of Education coursebooks for learning how to read Thai can be purchased online at suksapanpanit.com (ศึกษาภัณฑ์พาณิชย์) or in bookstores around Thailand (thanks Kris).

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  1. Thanks, Cat, for the info, the convenience, and for protecting us from the world wild web. I love Gla and Geo already, especially for the list of new words with each lesson. Oh and for some reason I had never managed to get Manee 5-2 and 6-2. Now I have them all.

  2. You are welcome Gaelee. There’s sure to be more pdfs of out of print Thai schoolbooks around. I’ll add them as I find them.

  3. Good to know! I’m all for as many learning thai resources as I can get!!

    Suksapan did reprint and republish some of the Manee Readers but I don’t know how many levels it is. There are just two books. If you go to the Suksapan website Cat linked to and type มานี in the search it shows them both.. One is 96 baht and the other is 123baht. They’re worth having..

  4. Thanks Catherine!

  5. Thank you Tod. A Thai friend was just asking about the new Manee books.

    Mary, you are welcome :)

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