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Google Translates on the Fly

Google Translate

Google Translate does more than before…

Google Translate has added three more items of interest:

  1. Translations as you type: Type your text in the main box and the translation appears below.
  2. Romanization option: the ability to receive transliteration instead.
  3. Text-to-speech: Right now this if for English only.

For more, check out the Official Google Blog: A new look for Google Translate

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  1. Catherine you are very quickly filling up my bookmarks with Thai language resources and this is an absolute beauty. I tried it out with some words I know and they were correct but even better was the lightening speed of the translation….ด้วย ความ ปรารถนา ดี

  2. Hey, that’s great! You know, when I started gathering in all these resources, I thought there would be a limit. But they just keep on coming.

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