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Help Nominate the Top 100 Language Lovers of 2017!


For the TENTH year running, BAB.LA & LEXIOPHILES are hosting their inspiring Top 100 Language Lovers 2017 (#TLL17) Competition and need our help.


Last year’s participants will be automatically nominated. Take a peek at last year’s competition here: TLL 2016.

The blogs and social media channels can be nominated in the four following categories:

Language Blogs: blogs about the language learning process, language enthusiasts and blogs by language professionals.
Language Facebook Pages: Facebook Pages dealing with language topics, such as dictionaries, translation tools, language lover communities, etc.
Language Twitter accounts: Twitterers who create and share content about languages.
Language YouTube channels: YouTubers vlogging about languages.

The nominations are open from May 04–15. Voting starts on May 17 and ends on June 06. The results will be announced on June 09. Exciting stuff!

After placing last year, WLT has automatically been entered. But, if you know of any other blogs, Facebook pages, twitter accounts or Youtube channels, please show your support by nominating via the doc HERE.

HINT HINT … it’d be especially great if they have a Thai language focus ;)

If you have one of the language resources mentioned and are wavering about entering the competition, just let me say that it’s been great experience. This will be my eighth year participating and each year it has inspired me to improve WLT. Whether a new site design, additional guest authors, free downloads, giveaways and draws, all have made this site a better resource for learning Thai.

Good luck to everyone who is joining the competition this year – it’s guaranteed to be loads of fun!

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  1. Email Address of the Website *
    Contact information for the page you are nominating ???

  2. Tristan, when I nominated other site I had the same question (apparently many nominate their own). I put in my own email address then explained when they got back to me. Better would be to get the email of the resource you want to nominate as thousands get entered each year so it’d be a big help to Bab.la and Linguaphiles to supply the details.

  3. Congratulations, Catherine, on placing last year and also for the great work you’ve done as a result of the motivating experience of participating in this competition for so many years.

    For the benefit of newbies like me, can you tell us just a little more about how you evolved over eight years and specifically where you placed last year?

    I tried some of your links to the competition website but I must not be clicking far enough because I can’t find a list of the top 25 (or whatever) from last year or any other year.


  4. Hi Dave, thanks for the congrats! Nine years … it’ll take me awhile to compile the information and track down the LLC’s yearly results but I’m totally game as I’m also interested in seeing how WLT has fared over the years (the older I get, the worse my memory becomes).

  5. Hi Dave, I’m planning on a something detailed when WLT turns ten but here’s a brief overview of how the site has evolved.

    WLT started out as a small online blog (hence the crazy name) for me to gather resource links for learning Thai. At that time resources were all over the place, many with broken links.

    Running into the Language Lovers Competition (their first year actually) inspired me do a serious rethink about WLT. My involvement all started with taking their advice about how to make the site better and here we are.

    Condensing nine years … the most important additions have been the Guest Writers (they are amazing), learning posts with free pdf downloads and native audio (real voices are so important with a tonal language), information heavy serial (series) posts to motivate, product draws during the year and especially while the LLC is in play, the FSI Thai Wiki and the Thai Text Reader projects, a Facebook page and two twitter accounts (one for expat living in Thailand which includes learning Thai and one for Thai resources only), site tweaks and major revamps (some taking weeks) throughout the years.

    Here’s WLT’s history with the LLC:

    Top 25 Language Learning Blogs…
    2009 – there wasn’t a top 25
    2010 – there wasn’t a top 25
    2011: 10th
    2012: 4th
    2013: 14th
    2014: 17th
    2015: 7th
    2016: 12th

    Top 100 Language Lovers…
    2009: 85th
    2010: 54th
    2011: 19th
    2012: 23rd
    2013: 51st
    2014: 83rd
    2015: Nadda
    2016: 42nd

    Here’s the final results for 2016:

    The joint Bab.la and Lexiophiles team are faced with a real dilemma each year because the entries just keep getting better (I do all I can to barely keep up). Plus, there’s the extremely short timeframe to get through thousands of blogs, Facebook pages and twitter accounts. Facing all that, towards the countdown I’d be tempted to resort to drawing names from bowls!

  6. Well that goes a long way to explain how and why you’re here now!

    Thanks for taking a moment to give us the short history and good luck this year.

    โชคดี !!

  7. And thanks for the nudge Dave. With nine years of WLT I sometimes forget how the site morphed.

    I do hope you stick around for WLT’s 2017 LLC giveaways. This year everyone will be a winner. There will be no draws – just free stuff from generous sponsors. And mostly, lots of free audio (my favourite :)

  8. Oh, I’ll be around, Cat. Your website will be crucial for my continuing Thai language learning goals 🙂 in the months and years to come 🇹🇭

  9. Thanks Dave – that’s nice to hear! And I’ll do my best to not disappoint :)

    Now off to prepare Benjawan Poomsan Becker’s vocab list for the LL Competition (we’re recording and getting the files ready for Anki and Flashcards Deluxe)… see you there!

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