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How to Read Different Thai Fonts and Handwriting

Read Thai Fonts

It’s been my observation that when you are advanced in a language, to read you don’t need to recognize each letter. You see words as a coherent whole. And given the context you can guess what the word is quite easy. 

But at the beginning of learning a language such as Thai, even little differences in letter shapes (using different fonts and handwriting) will often make you stumble. At least it was my experience.

 Over time I developed rules on how to distinguish letters in the Thai alphabet which I will share with you now.

There are hundreds of Thai fonts. To make the comparisons, I chose four different ones:

  1. Browalia New – classic Thai font

  2. JS-Puchong-Normal.ttf – modern font with simplification

  3. Prompt-Black.otf – modern font with another type of simplification

  4. SOV_wayo.ttf – nice handwriting

All are easy to find online so you can try them yourself. 

Note: There’s also a post on WLT listing free Thai font downloads: FREE Thai Fonts: Comparisons & Downloads

How to Read Different Thai Fonts and Handwriting…

Read Thai Fonts

Read Thai Fonts

Read Thai Fonts

FREE Downloads…

Here are the three files at full resolution for you to download and print out.

ZIP (572kb): Aleksey Golubtsov: Read Thai Fonts

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Great article. I’ve just launched an iOS app to help practice reading non-standard Thai fonts.

    It would be great if you could give it a try and provide some feedback


    Drop me an email and I’ll respond with a promo code so you can try for free.

    If you like it then maybe you wouldn’t mind adding it to your monster list of apps that I’m loving… http://womenlearnthai.com/index.php/ginormous-list-of-thai-learning-apps-for-your-ios/

    Kind regards

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