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I Don’t Speak Thai But I Try

I Don't Speak Thai But I Try

Maggie doesn’t speak Thai (but she tries)…

So cute! This week Richard Barrow shared a YouTube video by the talented Maggie Rosenberg: ฉันไม่พูดภาษาไทย (I Don’t Speak Thai)

For more of the two girls from Brooklyn:

Twitter: @wesinghappysong
Facebook: HopeandMaggie1 (WeSingHappySongs)
YouTube Channel: Wesinghappysongs

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  1. Tweet Note: Terry Fredrickson ‏@terryfrd
    Learning Thai today based on Maggie R’s delightful music vdo “I don’t speak Thai but I try”

    Scroll down in the article to get the original lyrics plus suggestions/corrections.

  2. A former teacher of mine recommended I watch this. It’s both funny and sweet. ทั้งตลกดีกับน่ารัก Who’d have thought a farang Brooklyn girl singing in Thai could garner 300,000 views on YouTube?

  3. Keith, I was surprised to find that she’s not an expat in Thailand but lives in Brooklyn. As for the 300,000, I’m sure they are mostly Thai. Thais seem to have a huge presence on YouTube.

  4. Hi Catherine,

    That sounds likely about the viewers being mainly Thai, seeing as how most of the comments on youtube appear to be in Thai, and the fact that her songs in English have nowhere near as many views.

    I wonder where she is learning Thai.

  5. Keith, if I get a chance I’ll ask her. Right now I’m running around like a wild chicken. Wild turkey? Something like that.

  6. I think a glass of Wild Turkey would mellow things out a bit. :-)

  7. That wasn’t what I was aiming to explain but I’ll take one… ta very much :-D

  8. I tried to find the Thai version of “running around like a chicken with its head cut off.” All I could come up with was แข่งกับเวลา, but it does sound better. :-)

  9. I lived in Brooklyn. Never underestimate a Brooklynite. I loved the song and effort she put in. In Brooklyn it’s called Chutzpah. And she has it. One might criticize but her pronunciation is lots better than many Expats I know. Good voice too.

  10. Ha! People from Brooklyn have been accused of mispronouncing the English language as well! So have fellow Long Islanders such as myself. :-)

    So would “chutzpah” be ความทะลึ่ง ?

  11. I LOVED the video! Loved that I could understand it without looking at the English sub titles (much, lol). That song would no doubt resonate with every Thai language learner.

    (PS. I think the phrase you may have been looking for is ‘headless chook’ ;)

  12. I could have sing that too, really !
    But I had never sing a song without making the sky cry and the rain fall (that’s a French expression :) )

  13. So cute :D

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