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Please Vote: Top 100 Language Learning Blogs

Top 100 Language Learning Blogs

Voting commences for the top 100 language learning blogs…

Before we get started with Rikker’s Thai 101 Learners Series, I have wee announcement to make.

Back in February we visited Lexiophiles Top 100 Language Blogs, where I dug through their list to share blogs helpful to Thai language learners too. This week they are at it again, only this time you can get involved.

Five Thai language blogs have been nominated:

Learn Thai from a White Guy
Thai 101
… and Women Learning Thai… and some men too

ฝรั่งงง (no longer online)
Thai Language Hut: Learn Thai Language Blog (no longer online)

The button above takes you to the complete list. Please show your support by voting for your language blog of choice (pssst… I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down in the w’s ;-)

There are four categories:

Language Learning
Language Teaching
Language Professionals
Language Technology

EDIT: I just noticed that Stuart Jay Raj’s Behind the Curtain is listed in the Language Professionals section.

I also noticed that you can vote for a blog in each section.

Stu has my LP vote for sure.

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  1. I happily cast my vote for you, Cat! Good luck! :)

  2. I have just dropped my vote in for you and good luck. Start chilling the champers.

  3. Amy – Thanks! I don’t see myself placing anywhere significant, but I would love to be anywhere but bottom :-)

    Martyn – Megga good idea. That way I can have fun no matter what! I’ll be sure to scour Villa for just the right bottle of bubbly (and hope it will stay untouched until then)

    I’ve yet to find where you can watch the votes come in. Now off to ask…

  4. Done! Good luck…but me thinks you won’t need it.

  5. Thanks Talen! I’m such a new comer to the language field so I’m sooooooooo very nervous. And as they won’t let us peek, I don’t know how nervous I should be. Oh dear. Maybe I will start on that bottle of bubbly early. Real early :-)

  6. Happy to do so Cat. Good Luck!

  7. Hi Lisa, it is SO great to see you here. And thank you so much for the vote of confidence. It’s a fantastic language learning world out there :-)

  8. Hmm, my blog isn’t actually on the list! They told me it was nominated, and I said “what???” because my blog is silly. Apparently they came to their senses and replaced it with a better blog.

  9. How very strange. I know it was on the list when I created this post. Then Rikker noticed that I’d left one off and said there were five blogs not the four I had, you were there.

    So maybe they took your comment to say that you didn’t want to be included?

    I don’t see your site as silly at all. I see it as a grand adventure into learning Thai.

    I like grand adventures :-)

  10. Abbie… mystery solved! There are four sections in the competition.

    Language Learning | Language Teaching | Language Professionals | Language Technology

    You are in Language Learning.

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