Here are a handful of language learning blogs that inspire me. None are about learning Thai but they give wonderful advice.
Penned by Wiktor, is one of my favourite language learning blogs.

David Mansaray | twitter: @DavidMansaray
David is dedicated to learning most anything (including languages).

Fluent Language
This is a new (to me) blog. Kerstin sucked me into her orbit and my head is still spinning. Book reviews are sure to follow.

I Will Teach You a Language
A wonderful blog by Olly Richards – Study hacks and mind tools for independent language learners.

Langwitches Blog | twitter: @langwitches
Silvia’s blog is top quality (I have a zillion of her technology and storytelling posts bookmarked).

Lindsay Does Languages | twitter: LDLanguages
LDL is a new blog that helps to keep me up-to-date with what’s new with learning languages.

Polyglot Dream | twitter: @Poliglotta80
Polyglot Luca Lampariello has developed a language learning method that works. You can check out his method on WLT here: An Easy Way to Learn Foreign Languages: Part One and Part Two.

Speaking Fluently | twitter: @speakinfluently
Richard Simcott is an impressive polyglot. His YouTube channel is a must for language learners: torbyrne.

The Everyday Language Learner | @aarongmyers
Aaron finds some of the best language learning resources on the internet and off.

The Linguist on Language | @Stevekaufmann
Steve Kaufmann can often be controversial in his opinions about learning languages. And while I don’t always agree, just listening to his views pushes me to work out where I stand.

The Language Dojo | @thelanguagedojo
I just started following Ramses and Matt so all I have to say at this moment is: inspiring.

The Mezzofanti Guild | twitter: @mezzofanti
It’s exciting to read Donovan’s experiences about the various languages he takes on.