Here’s a list of bloggers and twitter people chatting up the Thai language. If you’d like to be included, please contact me.

Carabao In English
100+ of the very best Carabao songs translated into English; some are in rhyming, singable English.

Deungdutjai (ดึงดูดใจ): Thai Lyrics and Translations
Tahmnong (Melody) shares her translations of Thai music videos with the world. It’s good stuff.

Learn Thai from a White Guy
Brett Whiteside is the author of the best online course for learning how to read the Thai, Learn to Read Thai in 10 Hours. Go to Learn to Read the Thai Alphabet in 2 Weeks, 10 Days, 60 Minutes to see my comparison review.

Let’s Talk Thai (formerly Learning Thai) | twitter: @letsTalkThai
The Thai blog of Josh Sager.

Stuart Jay Raj | YouTube: Stu Jay Raj | twitter: @stu_jay
Does Stu even need an introduction? If you are serious about learning Thai then you absolutely must check out Stu’s

Tai languages with Alif Silpachai | Facebook: Alif Silpachai | YouTube: Learn Thai with Alif | twitter @alifsilpachai
Alif’s blog is a special treat because it’s a Thai talking about learning Thai, but sometimes he just sings.

Thai 101 | twitter: @thai101
Rikker, the ‘ole man of Thai language learners. Rikker also appears at Bangkok Podcast’s: Thai Language Series

Thai Women Talks | twitter: @Thai_Talk and @thai_idioms
Kaewmala, the author of Thai Sex Talk shares her deep knowledge of the Thai language.

Transparent Language: Thai Blog
Product blog for Transparent Language.

And of course… Women Learning Thai… and some men too ;-)

Thai teachers blogging about the Thai language…

Study Thai
Thai teacher Jan Kannaphat is a new face to me but not to others. Ever since I came across her on the FCLT FB Group I’ve been hearing “she’s fabulous!” Jan studied linguistics at CMU (Chiang Mai University), and is just getting her blog of the same name, Jan Kannaphat, off the ground. She teachers via Skype or one-on-one in Chiang mai.

Facebook: Kru CAN | YouTube: Kru CAN
Check out Thai Skype teacher Can’s series, Easy Story in Thai. It’s all good.

Learn 2 Speak Thai
Facebook: learn2speakthai | YouTube: learn2speakthai twitter: @learn2speakthai
Mia Rongsiaw heads a team of Skype teachers. IMO Mia hosts the best version of the Maanii series online, Learn Thai with Maanii Books (includes audio and pdf files).

Learn Thai with Kru Wee
Facebook: Learning Thai wiht Kru Wee | YouTube: Kru Wee Teach Thai
Exuberant Thai Skype teacher Kru Wee is located in Bangkok.

Learn Thai with Mod
Facebook: Learn Thai with Mod | Thai With Mod | twitter: @ThaiwithMod
Learn Thai with Mod is hosted by Thai Skype teachers Mod and Pear, both located in Thailand. Learn Thai with Mod has the most followers of anyone around.

Learn Thai with Porn
Wannaporn teaches because she loves sharing her language. She hosts one of my absolute Facebook groups ever (closed membership), where she helps students of the Thai. Her blog is where she shares lessons with the world.

Pick-up Thai
Facebook: Pick | YouTube: pickupthai | twitter: @PickupThai
Thai Skype teachers Yuki and Miki are passionate about sharing the Thai language with their students. They teach real Thai via Skype, and also have wonderful audio lessons with accompanying pdfs to purchase. I love their stuff.

Rian Thai kab Kelly
I don’t know a lot about แนะนำตัว. Yet (but I do intend on getting around to learning more). She’s located in Singapore and teaches Thai to small groups and one-on-one.

Learn Thai Style
Facebook: LearnThaiStyle | YouTube: ThaiStyleLanguage | twitter: @LearnThaiStyle
Learn Thai Style is a dedicated community of Thai teachers. Kruu Jiab and Tom Lane head this powerhouse of a resource – be sure to wander around their site it’s chock-full of useful information!

Non-English blogs about the Thai language…

A French Guy Learning Thai
Tumblr blog for French people who want to learn to speak and read in Thai.

Blogless Thai tweets…








Thai language blogs no longer being updated…

Ajarn Adam: Learn Thai | Twitter: @AjarnAdam
Adam Bradshaw’s Thai section of his English teaching venture. You can also find him on Facebook: ajarnadam and YouTube: jadambrad. Note: His blog is being updated but not the learning Thai section.

AnothaiDara | twitter: @AnothaiDara

Bangkok Post, Learning From News
Terry Fredrickson and Jon Fernquest write articles for Thais learning English, but their posts are peppered with valuable vocabulary for the Thai language learner as well. There used to be a Thai section but it’s no longer being updated.

From the about: This is my pathetic contribution to the world of Thai language learning for foreigners.

Thai language learning resources (partially in English).

A student learning Thai via the Internet.

Dan’s Adventures in Bangkok
A student of Thai discusses his progress through AUA.

David Long in Asia and AUA Thai (Bangkok)
twitter: @auathai @LonginAsia

e-Learn Thai | twitter: @eLearnThai
New tumbler blog (still checking it out…)

Goldenland Polygot
Luke is going for his Bachelor’s degree at Ramkamheang University, majoring in the Thai language.

I want 2 speak Thai
Justin studied Thai years ago and now aims to refresh his talents.

Journey to Thai
This was one of the first Thai blogs I started to read. It’s a pity that Scott stopped updating his blog. If you are interested in AUA, he has more than a few mentions of his experience with the program.

Learning Thai In Chiang Mai – My Journal!
The online Thai language learning experiences of Snap.

learning thai without studying
Adventures with ALG, crosstalk, lakorn, and everyday life in thailand.

Learn Thai Podcast | @thaipodcast
The blog of the largest Thai learning course on the Internet.

Learn Thai the Bon’s Way
Thai Native Bon Ratta’s wacky way of learning the Thai language.

Sweet and Cool Beans
A little bit about learning Thai, maths, music and others.

Thai Challenge
From Jeff Netto: Here you’ll be able to follow me in my mission to learn Thai in 18 months.

Thai Language Tricks
Jason had a great idea for a blog, and then I guess he lost interest. It’s understandable as blogging does take away from other interests.

Thais leren spreken, lezen en schrijven
Rob’s Dutch language blog about reading and speaking Thai.

The White Guy’s Thai Guide
One of the newest learning Thai blogs I’ve come across. I’m waiting to see if he sticks it out (nope).

The written wor(l)d en deux langues
Marcel Barang, Thai – English – French translator. Also at Thai Fiction in Translation.

Tweet Yourself Thai | twitter: @AjarnPasa
A novel idea: Follow on Twitter for short, timely lessons.

My Thai language learning odyssey
There are only a couple of posts on this site, but his Ninja learning. entry no.3 is good advice when learning the Thai alphabet.

Wonderous Thai
The blog hasn’t been updated since 2014. See the FB group instead.
Facebook: Wondrous Thai.

Bakunin learns Thai (no longer online and greatly missed)
Finding his own way through learning Thai (with a focus on AUA).