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Rikker Dockum @ Bangkok Podcast

Rikker Dockum Now on Bangkok Podcast

Rikker Dockum and the Bangkok Podcast…

May was a crazy month for Bangkokians. No doubt. And while some of us were busy twitching through the political scuffles, Greg Jorgensen of GregToDiffer.com and Anthony Joh of Thai-FAQ.com twigged it as an opportunity to create Bangkok Podcast.

Join Anthony and Greg every Sunday night as they discuss all the funny, serious, enjoyable, and just plain strange aspects of living in the Big Mango. From the stinky khlong taxis to the thumping nightclubs to the ridiculous amount of food on every street corner, we revel in living here.

But that’s not why I’m featuring Bangkok Podcast today. This is…

…we are very happy to be talking to Rikker Dockum, a researcher and Thai language scholar, who will be joining us every month on the Bangkok Podcast.

Rather than standard ‘word of the day’ type lessons, Rikker will be chatting with us about the mysteries of the Thai language, tips for learning it, secrets to using it, and his experiences navigating a culture where fluency by a foreigner in the local language will likely be met with wide-eyed stares of anyone you meet.

Please don’t miss Rikker’s first appearance: Bangkok Podcast: Thai Language Series 1

I’m already ready for the second. For sure.

Rikker on WLT…

You can also find Rikker at:


  1. Cat, I had known about Greg to differ but this is the first I am hearing about Bangkok Podcast….I will definitely be tuning in to check it out.

  2. Talen, I’ve had Bangkok Podcast sucking into my iTunes, but I’ve been too frazzled lately and finding the time to listen slipped me by. But with Rikker there, I just had to take a peek asap. The podcasts are very well done and pleasant to listen to, so a big kudos in their direction. And of course a big ‘yeah! for another way to learn more about the Thai language.

  3. Their site is well done as well…Love the logo. I am in the process of downloading the podcasts now will have a listen in a little bit.

  4. Agreed. Their site is nice and clean – easy on the eye. And I love getting the automatic updates. Finding the time to listen to them all will take time…

  5. Heads up: Bangkok Podcast: Episode 8: Thai Language Series 2 is live.

    In this podcast Rikker talks (mostly) about the 5 Thai tones.

    Anthony and Greg talk about… well… ;-)

    Notice: Not suitable for sensitive little ears.

  6. Heads up: Bangkok Podcast: Thai Language Series 3 is live.

    I’m just now downloading…

  7. Heads up: Bangkok Podcast: Thai Language Series 4 is live.

    In the podcast, Rikker discusses how to raise bilingual children.

    Btw – congrats goes to Rikker for the new addition to his family (he’ll be getting even more practice raising bilingual babies)

  8. Rikker took time off to add a new addition to his family, but he’s now back with Bangkok Podcast: Series 5: Telling time in Thai.

  9. Here’s another good one from Rikker at Bangkok Podcast: Series 6: The complexities of the vowels.

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