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Subliminal Thai Language Learning for Xmas

Subliminal Thai for Xmas

Ho, ho, ho and a subliminal oh!

Last year I wrote a Christmas post on subliminal products for learning Thai: Subliminal Thai… ehh? And as it was such a huge hit, I thought I’d do the same this year.

Amazon has two on offer:

Learn To Speak The Thai Language Subliminal CD
Price: US$15.97

Learn to Speak the Thai Language Faster and Easier with Subliminal Programming
Price: US$15.95

And Ebay came up with one:

Learn Thai Men Subliminal NLP EMDR Hypnosis
Price: US$14.99

Now, the thing about subliminal audio is that you don’t get to hear affirmations. You do get birds, waves, church bells, or total silence. But, as you can’t hear anything about learning Thai, your level of trust to hand over dough needs to be fairly high.

I’m especially curious about the Learn Thai Men Subliminal audio.

I can hear their instructions to smooth out my eyebrows and the muscles on my forehead, but what is it really telling guys, that us gals can’t learn too? Hmmmm?

Or what about the gal version? (which, btw, I only found after I’d purchased the guys). What are they telling us gals that you guys can’t learn too?

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  1. I would guess there is a difference in the way guys speak and gals speak in the Thai language. Catherine, I thought you were learning Thai.

  2. Keith… the post is tongue in cheek… ;-)

  3. There’s no room for tongue in cheek with serious language learners. Their cheeks are already filled up.

  4. Their cheeks, perhaps. But their brains have loads of room to spare :-D

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