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GINORMOUS List of iOS Apps to Learn Thai: iPhone, iPad and iPod

Thai Learning Apps for Your iOS

Thai Learning Apps for Your iPhone, iPad and iPod…

Welcome to my addiction – collecting iOS apps (iPhone, iPad and iPod) for learning Thai. Here you’ll discover apps for Thai dictionaries, Thai courses, translators, OCR, studying the Thai alphabet and vocabulary, phrasebooks, pronunciation lessons, quizzes, ebooks and online bookstores, flashcards, games, keyboards, entertainment (TV and radio), newspapers and magazines, telling time, language exchange and more. And because they are so versatile, I even collect iOS apps for the Thai market – Thais learning Thai.

I started collecting iOS apps back in 2009 when I bought my first iPhone 3G. By 2010 there were enough Thai apps for a series that included Thai Language Phrase books, Thai Alphabet and Vocabulary and iPhone apps: English Thai Dictionaries.

Each year the apps update, multiply, or disappear off the market. Back in 2010 there were around 15 Thai phrase books. Three years later, there are over 70. It’s now past time (story of my life) to write a follow up series.

The number of available apps is so GINORMOUS, two weeks ago (give or take) I felt compelled to create an Excel spreadsheet to wrap my head around what’s out there. And just incase I missed any (Thai apps can be difficult to locate) this week I asked fellow iOS addicts Michel and Bernard if they had any more. They did.

If you’d like to help out with reviews but don’t want to break the bank by acquiring everything, like I did, just skim through the list to see which apps are listed as FREE (there are plenty of free apps to choose from).

Oh. And if you come across apps I don’t have, please send them over.

Please note that not all apps will be included in the review. I won’t share any apps that have been discontinued (obviously), Filthy Thai (I don’t go there), ripped apps, and apps for learning Thai in languages other than English. But I will include a few apps for Thais learning English.

So here it is (finally), Thai learning apps for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Thai Dictionaries: English Market…

Audio Collins Mini Gem Thai-Eng Eng-Thai Dictionary: $9.99
ClickThai Dictionary Thai/English: $26.99
Collins Gem Thai Dictionary: $9.99
English Thai dictionary: $5.99
English Thai Dictionary: FREE
English Thai Dictionary Pro: $2.99
English Thai: $2.99
EnThai Dictionary: $4.99
Longdo Dict: FREE
Longdo Dict HD: FREE
MyLex English Thai Dictionary: FREE
Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary: $24.99
Thai Dictionary: $4.99
Thai Dictionary Free: FREE
thaienglish: $1.99
ThaiPro Dictionary: $0.99
ThaiPro Dictionary Free: FREE
VocabMate: FREE
YourWords English Thai English travel and learning dictionary: $2.99

Thai Dictionaries: Special…

Dr. Wit’s Dictionary of Thai Laws: $19.99
Dr. Wit’s Management Dictionary: $3.99
Dr. Wit’s Marketing Dictionary: $3.99
First Dictionary for Kids 1: $1.99
First Dictionary for Kids 2: $1.99
First Dictionary for Kids Lite: FREE
Thai SL Dictionary: $0.99

Thai Dictionaries: Thai Market…

@Dict: FREE
@Dict Lite: FREE
CM Thai Dictionary Lite: FREE
CM Thai Dictionary Pro: $2.99
Dict Thai: FREE
Dict Thai +: $2.99
Dict Thai for iPad: FREE
Dict Thai PRO: $2.99
Dictionary English Thai: FREE
Dr Wit’s Desk Edition (Thai-En Eng-Thai Thai-Thai): $5.99
Dr Wit’s Pocket Edition (Thai-En Eng-Thai Thai-Thai): $3.99
Dr. Wit’s Library Edition (Thai-En Eng-Thai Thai-Thai): $17.99
English Dictionary Pro: $2.99
English – Thai: FREE
English English Thai Dictionary: $4.99
English Thai – Thai English Dict: $5.99
English Thai (My Dict): FREE
English Thai English Dictionary: $3.99
English Thai Free: FREE
English-Thai Talking Dictionary: $19.99
HEdictionary English Thai: $2.99
HEdictionary English Thai HD: $2.99
Jonathan’s Thai Dictionary: $1.99
Multilingual Dictionary South East Asia: $12.99
Plaewa: FREE
Proford English Thai Dictionary: $15.99
QuickDict Thai-English: $1.99
Thai: FREE +
Thai Dict: FREE
Thai Dictionary Box พจนานุกรม: FREE
Thai Fast Dictionary: FREE
Thai Fast Dictionary HD: FREE

Thai Alphabet…

ABC Thai Kids: $1.99
ABC ThaiKids HD: $1.99
Akson Thai Lite – Thai alphabet flashcards: FREE
Akson Thai Pro – Thai alphabet flashcards: $1.99
Easy Learn Thai Alphabets for iPad: $1.99
Easy Learn Thai Alphabets for iPhone and iPod Touch: $1.99
Easy Thai Script: $2.99
I Know My Thai Alphabet: FREE
iSeeThailand: Thai Alphabets: $1.99
iStudy: Thai Alphabet: $1.99
Kids Thai Alphabets HD: $1.99
Kids Thai Alphabets: $0.99
Kor Kai Game: $0.99
Kor Kai Game Lite: FREE
korkaikhai: FREE
Learn Thai From a White Guy: $4.99
Learn Thai Writing: $1.99
Letter Fall Thailand: FREE
Read Thai: $1.99
Read Thai Alphabet: $0.99
Reading Thai: $4.99
Tap AlphaBet Thai: $0.99
TH-Write: FREE
TH-Write HD: $1.99
Thai Alphabet: $0.99
Thai Alphabet: FREE
Thai Alphabet App: $0.99
Thai Alphabet for iPhone: FREE
Thai Alphabet Game: $1.99
Thai Alphabet Game U: $1.99
Thai Alphabet QuickRef: FREE
Thai Alphabet Tap & Speak Thai: $0.99
Thai Flash: $1.99
thai language “Koh-kai”: $0.99
Thai Language character Mechanism: $0.99
Thai Letter: $1.99
Thai Tiles: $0.99
ThaiAlphabets (คัดอักษรไทย): FREE
Tiny Thai: $1.99
TK Thai Alphabet: $0.99
Trace Thai for iPhone and iPod touch: $0.99
Write Thai: FREE
write thai letter: $0.99

Thai Alphabet: Thai Market…

iRead Thai: Final Consonants: $1.99
iRead Thai: Tone Marks: $1.99
iRead Thai: Vowel: $1.99
MattraThai: FREE
Read Thai Alphabet: FREE
Smart Thai: FREE
Thai Alphabets for Kids: $0.99

Thai Vocabulary…

Basic 1,000 Words & Sentence EN/TH Lite: FREE
ClickThai Vocabulary Trainer EN: $12.99
HXP Pasa Thai: FREE
Hxp Pasa Thai HD: FREE
Instant Thai: $1.99
iStudy: Thai Vocabulary: $1.99
iVocabulary – Your flexible vocabulary trainer: $5.99
iVocabulary Lite – Your flexible vocabulary trainer: FREE
Jourist Vocabulary Builder Asia: $9.99
Learn Beginner Thai Vocabulary: $9.99
Learn Free Thai Vocabulary with Gengo Audio Flashcards: FREE
Learn Thai – Free WordPower: FREE
Learn Thai – WordPower: $9.99
Learn Thai Vocabulary with Gengo audio flashcards: $5.99
Learn Thai with TicTic: FREE
MyWords – Learn Thai Vocabulary: $9.99
Thai Word of the Day: FREE
Thai Word of the Day!: $0.99
Who Makes These Sounds?: $1.99

Thai Vocabulary: Thai Market…

Basic 1,000 Words & Sentence EN/TH: $2.99
English Vocab Builder for Thai: $1.99
WordTrainer Thai – Learn English: $0.99

Thai Phrasebooks…

Blighty: Travel Pal: FREE
Collins Phrasebook: FREE
Collins Thai Phrasebook: $3.99
Collins Thai<->English Phrasebook: $12.99
EasyPiecy Thai: FREE
English-Thai Talking Travel Phrases: $4.99
FirstThai: $4.99
FirstThai LITE: FREE
Fodor’s Travel Phrases: Phrasebook for 22 languages: FREE
Free Thai Phrases by Nemo: FREE
IEMG – International Emergency medical guide: $3.99
iParrot Phrase English-Thai: $4.99
iParrot Phrase Thai-English: $4.99
iParrot Talking PhraseBook (Multi-language): $4.99
iPoodThai: $2.99
ITS4Thai – Learn Thai Language Phrasebook and Flashcards: $0.99
Learn Thai – Phrasebook for Travel in Thailand: FREE
Learn Thai HD – Phrasebook for travel in Thailand: $4.99
Learn&Play Thai ~ easier & fun!: $3.99
Learn&Play Thai Free ~ easier & fun!: FREE
Lingopal Thai – talking phrasebook: $0.99
Lingopal Thai LITE – talking phrasebook: FREE
LingoWorld – Learn the basics of 11 languages: FREE
Lonely Planet Thai Phrasebook: $5.99
Nemo Thai Complete: $9.99
PhasaThai: $7.99
PhasaThai Free: FREE
Speak Thai: $1.99
Speak Thai (6 Languages): FREE
Speak Thai (EN): FREE
Speak Thai by Click Thailand: FREE
Speak Thai Phrasebook Lite: FREE
Speak Thai Phrases: $2.99
Speak Thai Sanuk: $2.99
Speak Thai Sanuk for iPad: $2.99
Speak Thai Slang: $2.99
SpeakinThai: $0.99
Survival Thai for English: $4.99
Talking Translations: FREE
Tap & Say – Speak Phrase Book: FREE
Thai – Icon for Traveler in Thailand: $4.99
Thai – Talking English to Thai Translator and Phrasebook: $7.99
Thai App – Perfect Travel App: Learn Thai and Thailand app: FREE
Thai Beginner Survival Phrases for iPad: $19.99
Thai Buddy: FREE
thai conversation master: FREE
Thai For Travelers: $0.99
Thai Language Guide & Audio – World Nomads: FREE
Thai LH Lite: $0.99
Thai Medical Thai: FREE
Thai Phrasebook – Travel in Thailand with ease: FREE
Thai Speaker for iPad: $2.99
Thai Speaker For iPad Lite: FREE
Thai Speaker for iPhone: $0.99
Thai Speaker for iPhone Lite: FREE
Thai TalkBoard: $1.99
Thai Video Teacher: $2.99
Thai Video Teacher For iPad: $0.99
Thai Video Teacher For iPad Free: FREE
Thai Video Teacher Free: FREE
ThaiSupasit: FREE
ThaiTalk: $0.99
ผมพูด – Talking Thai to English translator and phrasebook: $8.99

Thai Phrasebooks: Thai Market…

2,000 English Sentences: FREE
English Conversation for Everyday Usage: FREE
English Conversations: FREE
Frequently Used English Questions and Answers in Daily Life: FREE
Hello Career English – Thai: FREE
Thai to English Sentences: FREE
นักแปลของฉัน นักแปลของฉัน: $0.99
พูดอังกฤษ 2,000 ประโยค – พูดได้: FREE

Thai Courses…

Advanced Thai for iPad: $9.99
book2 learn 40 languages: FREE
Byki Thai: $7.99
High Tech Thai vocabulary trainer: $2.99
Introduction to Thai language and culture for iPad: $9.99
iSpeak Thai: $4.99
iSpeak Thai Lite: FREE
ITS4Thai – Conversation and Vocabulary Lessons: $0.99+
ITS4Thai – Learn to Read and Write: $0.99+
L-Lingo Learn Thai: FREE
L-Lingo Learn Thai HD Free: FREE
Learn Thai: $1.99
Learn Thai: FREE+
Learn Thai – Language Teacher: $19.99
Learn Thai (Speak & Write): $2.99
Learn Thai with Video for iPad: $14.99
Reading Thai – Words & Sentences: $4.99
Speaking Thai in a Flash for iPad: $5.99
Speaking Thai in a Flash FREE: FREE
Sulantra: FREE+
SurvivalPhrases – Thai: $19.99
Thai for Beginners: $19.99
Thai Language for Beginners – Udemy: Free app (Thai course $29.99-$49.99)
uTalk: FREE
uTalk Thai: $9.99
WordUP Thai: $4.99

Thai Courses: Thai Market…

Conversations in Daily Life 1: FREE
Conversations in Daily Life 2: FREE
English for Beginners: FREE
Speak English 99 Hours: FREE
Speak English in 140 Hours: FREE
Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing: FREE

Thai Books…

Aesop Collection: FREE
Aesop’s Fables: Series 1: $1.99
ebooks.in.th: FREE
FairHDLite: FREE
Kid’s Song: Nursery Rhyme: $1.99
LittleAngel: $0.99
LittleAngelHD: $0.99
LittleAngelHDLite: FREE
Mother Hen Mother Duck: $1.99
Noo Nid Didn’t Like to Brush Her Teeth: $1.99
Noo Nid Didn’t Like Vegetables: $1.99
Noo Nid Didn’t Want to Go to School: $1.99
Pra-Payom Cartoon: FREE
Rabbit & Turtle’s Tale (Thai version): $0.99
Sailing Sailing: $0.99
SailingLite: FREE
Thai Dinosaurs AR Book HD: FREE
TheHare: FREE

Thai Flashcards…

English-Thai Flashcards: FREE
Far East Language Revision: $1.99
FlashCards Thai Lesson: FREE
iCards: $0.99
iCards Lite: FREE

Thai Games…

Thai Bubble Bath: $2.99
Thai Bubble Bath Lite: FREE
Thai Jigsaw – Animal LITE: FREE

Thai Keyboards…

My Thai Keyboard: FREE
Thai Keyboard: $0.99
Thai Language Input: $0.99
Thai PaniniKeypad: $1.99
Thai Typing: $2.99
ThaiType: FREE
ThaiTyping BUScience

Thai Pronunciation…

Thai pronunciation analysis Copy Paste: $0.99
Thai Speech 01: $1.99
Thai Speech Tab: $4.99
Thai Tones: FREE

Thai Quiz…

ThaiFunQuiz 2: FREE

Thai Spelling…

Thai Spell Cube: $0.99
Thai Spelling Ball – Animal: $0.99
Thai Spelling Ball – Animal LITE: FREE

Online Thai Entertainment…

Dooeii for iPad: $9.99
Jaidee TV: FREE
Thai Live TV & Radio: FREE
Thai PBS for iPhone: FREE
Thai TV & Radio Pro: $0.99
Thai TV+: FREE
Thailand Radio + Alarm Clock: $0.99
ThaiTV Live: FREE
ThaiTV3 for iPad: FREE
TrueMusic: FREE
TrueMusic HD: FREE
Voice TV: FREE

Online Thai Newspapers and Magazines…

Thairath for iPad: FREE
Thairath LITE: FREE
Post Today for iPad: FREE
Thai Mag: $0.99
Thai News: $0.99

Telling Thai Time…

Thai Calendar: FREE
Thai Clock: $0.99
Thai Times: $0.99

Thai Extras…

BookStart for Kids : Colors: $0.99
Bookkids: FREE
kid first write thai: FREE
Learn Thai Numbers, Fast! เรียนนับเลข: FREE
SimSimi: FREE
Thai Email Editor (Color, size, and format) Keyboard: $0.99
Thai Language Note: $0.99
Thai Talking Food Menu: $2.99
Thai Talking Food Menu Lite: $0.99
Trueplookpanya.com: FREE
Memrise – Learn languages for free: FREE

Language Exchange…

bini2bini: $0.99
BLING W – Real Native: FREE
Global Citizen languageXchange: FREE
HelloTalk Language Exchange: FREE
italki Messenger: FREE
Lext Talk – Language Exchange Made Easy: FREE
Link – Language Exchange: FREE
PeopleHunt: FREE
plan P: FREE
Skype for iPhone: FREE
Tandem Finder: FREE

Learning Styles…

Language Learning Aptitude Test: FREE
Learning Style Test Executive Version: $1.99
Learning Type Test: $0.99

Translators for Thai – English…

CEMA Interpreter(To Thai): $9.99
English Thai Translator: $0.99
iTranslate with Text to Speech THAI to English: $0.99
PARTY Thai Speech-to-Text: FREE
Thai-Laos Transcription: FREE
The Thai Translator: $9.99
The Thai Translator Lite: FREE
Translate Thai and English: FREE


babel fish: $0.99
CEMA Interpreter: $99.99
CEMA Translation: $99.99
Communilator free – Universal Translator: FREE
Communilator Pro – Universal Translator: $0.99
Email Translator: $0.99
Free Translator: FREE
Google Translate: FREE
gTranslate: FREE
iHandy Translator free: FREE
iHandy Translator Pro: $1.99
iLingo Translator Pro: $1.99
iStone Travel Translation App : FREE +
iTranslate – free translator & dictionary: FREE
iTranslate Voice: $1.99
iTranslate+: FREE
iTranslator: FREE
Jibbigo Translator: FREE +
Language Translator: FREE
Languages Assistant – speak into microphone: $2.99
OneWorld Translator: $1.99
QTranslator – the ultimate translator: $1.99
SayHi Translate: $0.99
SpeechTrans: $4.99 +
TableTop Translator: $2.99
Translate Professional: FREE +
Translate Text ~ myLanguage Free translator: FREE
Translate Text into spoken voice ~ myLanguage Translator Pro: $4.99
Translate well: $0.99
Translator ~ translate with voice: $2.99
Translator with Voice: $2.99
Travel Voice Translator Linguatec: $0.99
VoiceTra+: FREE
Dragon Dictation: FREE


iSignTranslate: FREE +
OCR Scanner – Images & documents to text: FREE
Ocrtool: $4.99
Pixter Scanner OCR: $0.99
Prizmo – Scanning, OCR, and Speech: $4.99
Thai Dict Lens: Free
TextGrabber + Translator: $5.99

Flashcard Creators…

A+ Flashcards Deluxe: $0.99
AnkiMobile Flashcards: $24.99
Brainscape: FREE
Easy Flash Cards: $0.99
Eductic ~ Learn vocabulary efficiently using flashcards: FREE
Flash My Brain Flashcards: $5.99
Flashcard Elite: proven memory algorithm for flashcards: FREE +
Flashcard Touch: $0.99
Flashcards: $1.99
Flashcards Deluxe: $3.99
Flashcards Deluxe Lite: FREE
Flashcards Study Helper: $3.99
Flashcards*: FREE
Flashcards+: FREE +
FlashCards++: FREE
FlashCardSets: FREE
FlashCardz: $0.99
Flipcards: $0.99
FREE Exam Vocabulary Builder: FREE
FREE Flashcards Study Helper: FREE
gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests: FREE +
gFlashPro – Flashcards & Tests: $3.99 +
iFlash: $14.99
iFlash Touch: FREE +
iFlashCardPro: $1.99
iFlashCardPro Lite: FREE
iFlipr Flashcards: $4.99
iKnowIt: $1.99
iLearnFast: Flash Card Studying: $2.99
iMCards Lite – Flash Cards (I don’t own the full version yet): FREE
iRevise: $1.99
Lexicon: $9.99
Mental Case 2: FREE +
Quizlet: FREE
Repetitions for iPhone and iPod Touch: $4.99
Repetitions Free for iPhone and iPod Touch: FREE
StickyStudy: Flash! (Quizlet and Flashcard Exchange): $3.99
StickyStudy: Flash! Lite (Quizlet and Flashcard Exchange): FREE
Study & Me: $0.99
Study Flash: $1.99
StudyCards: $3.99
Touchcards 2 – Flashcard learning system, import free cards: $1.99


Quiz Creator: $0.99
Quizicards: $0.99
RapidLearn: $3.99

Extras – Generic…

iReadFast for iPhone: $4.99
Repeater: FREE
SpeedUpTV: $2.99
Unicode Map: $1.99
Unicode Map Free: FREE

Pictures (vocabulary)…

ICOON global picture dictionary: $0.99
Show it!: $0.99
ShowMe: FREE

Thai Learning Apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod…

Note: This list will continue to be updated and tweaked. I won’t change the prices, but the location of the apps will change. When I created this list my aim was to quickly lump apps under headings. As I figure out their main focus, some will need to be elsewhere. Something like that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy cruising the iOS apps on this list as much as I do!

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Smart Language Apps: PhrasePack iOS and Android

L-Lingo's PhrasePack

Smart Language Apps: PhrasePack for iOS and Android …

For a short time only the PhrasePack app for iOS and Android is now on sale for US$0.99. A bargain, as it’s normally priced at $4.99!

The PhrasePack iPhone and Android app (created by the hardworking people from L-Lingo) operates on an interesting concept. In a nutshell, this beautifully designed app allows you to build sentences from a high frequency vocabulary list.

Highlights of the app:L-Lingo's PhrasePack

  • FREE Version already contains than 1800 phrases!
  • Upgrade to access 3500+ Thai phrases.
  • High quality recordings from native speakers.
  • Choose between male and female voices.
  • Switch between formal and informal language.
  • Add commonly used phrases to your favorites.
  • Select Thai script, transliteration or both.
  • Test yourself with a quiz (a plus!)
  • Search for specific words.

Settings: The app-wide settings are in the settings section (the icon on the top left of the home screen). Select male or female voice; your native language: English (UK), English (US), German, or Italian; and if you want to display Thai script, transliteration, or both. Clicking again on the settings icon takes you back to the home screen.

Inside any of the categories (the six icons on the main screen) click on the top right icon to select: formal setting, informal setting, target language, native language, and phonetics. If you can’t read Thai, being able to switch from transliteration to Thai script comes in handy if you want to show a phrase to a Thai speaker (and it’s too loud for them to hear the sound files).

Phrases: To build sentences tailor-made to your needs, select a category from the main screen, then a subject or conversation. Most phrases give you a choice of vocabulary to slot in, while others are complete.

Search: Once in search, the round icon to the top left lets you search for words in your target language (at this time it’s Thai transliteration only) or your native language. Relevant phrases with sound files appear in the space below.

Quiz: In the quiz you are given the choice to view by transliteration or Thai script. This is a great option for those just learning how to read Thai – you can peek! At the moment the light green icon underneath the English phrase toggles between the two.

Favourites: This section is self-explanatory. As you work through the phrases select the star next to your favourites. Your favs can then be easily accessed from this section.

More about the PhrasePack iOS app…

PhrasePackPhrasePackEasy Learn Thai Alphabet
Price: $0.99 (regularly $4.99)
Free version: Yes
Author: Smart Language Apps Limited
Date: 19 Jun 2013
Version: 2.0.3
Internet connection required: No
Word count: Over 3500 Thai Words and Phrases
Thai script: Yes
Tone tips: Yes
Zoom: Not needed
Sound: Yes
Quiz: Yes
Improvements: Ability to select Thai script or transliteration
Compatible with: iPhone 3GS. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Designed for: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad.

Here’s where you can also purchase the Android app.

Note: PhrasePack is a new app so it’s still being tweaked. Don’t be shy, they’d love to get your input!

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Women Learn Thai: Best of 2012

Women Learn Thai: Best of 2012

Women Learn Thai: Best of 2012…

Happy New Year 2013 everyone! Wow. 2012 went by fast. Looking back over the year I can tell that it’s going to take me a fair bit of 2013 to catch up (more on that later).

Thanks to WLT’s guest writers, there were a whopping 106 posts in 2012. On my count, that’s roughly 10 a month. And, from what I’ve been told, a couple of posts a week is a decent enough pace. What say you?

Apparently there are more than a few ways to list popular posts. The two I’ve chosen are by comments (separated into two sections: learning Thai and expat living), and Google Analytics.

2012: Most commented on learning Thai posts…

Below are the most commented on posts. There’s a secret to attracting a zillion comments, and truthfully, I don’t know what it is. Ok, if you upset readers enough you’ll get tons of outrage, but that’s not what WLT is about. Very simply, WLT aims to offer original content helpful to those learning about the Thai culture and Thai language. Sounds stuffy and all, but hey, it’s all good ;-)

Some readers are comfortable asking questions about learning Thai in the comments, but many would rather email. Because of this, I field a lot of emails (as do the guest writers). Emails are well and good but there’s a downside. Emails benefit the few, while comments serve a wider audience. To rectify this, in the future there will be the odd post covering questions coming in via email.

Pssssst… WLT’s comments are left open so feel free to add yours to the most commented on posts below, or in others found in the Archives.

1) Nootropics Update: Smart Drugs and Language Learning

2) Thai Language Thai Culture: Some Thoughts on Learning Thai Tones

3) Thai Language Thai Culture: Questions on Thai and Thai Usage
3) Thai Language Thai Culture: Why Thai is Not a Monosyllabic Language

4) ITS4Thai DRAW + iPhone and iPad Review

5) Thai Language School Review: Thai Language Station

6) Thai Movies: A Relaxing Way to Study Thai

7) Android and iPhone: Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary Review

8) Kaewmala’s Thinglish Slang: English Loanwords in Thai

9) Breaking Down the Wall ‘O Whyz When Learning Thai

10) FLTR: The Foreign Language Text Reader

11) Rikker: Linguist’s View of the Thai Language
11) Review: GoldList Method for Long-term Memory

12) Thai Tales: Mangoes, Mangosteen and Angry Thai Feet

13) Thai Language Thai Culture: So Many Excuses
13) Thai Language Thai Culture: Thai Legalese
13) Learn Thai by Speaking Your Language
13) Christy Gibson: If There Were No Men Left in This World
13) Interview Compilation: Did You Stick to a Regular Thai Language Study Schedule?

14) Thai Language Thai Culture: Learning Thai Later in Life
14) The Magical Tipping Point in Thai
14) Thai Language School Review: Rak Thai
14) Thai Language Amongst World’s Sexiest Accents
14) 2012: The Fourth Google Translate Challenge

15) Questions… Questions… Lani and Mia from Thai Girl Talk
15) How Audio-based Language Learning Trumps the Textbook

2012: Most commented on Thai expat posts…

Commenting on expat posts can be fun (less fear perhaps). I’m told that I don’t write about expat living enough so in 2012 I’ll make more of an effort. And as I absolutely love running around Thailand and neighboring countries, it won’t be a hardship.

As you can see I only picked the top five scores for the expat focus. But it’s just me writing on the subject, so I figured that nine posts were enough to show how my year went (oh dear).

Yes. Oh dear. 2012 was a bit of a weird year for me, so here’s to a snafu-less 2013!

1) Siem Reap. Cambodia. Again. Part One
1) Locating Hong Kong Dim Sum in Bangkok’s Chinatown

2) Bangkok’s Top 50 Street Food Stalls. Food Poisoning. Bleeeech.
2) The Common Koel & Why I’d Make a Lousy Buddhist

3) Rules of Songkran 2012: No Drink Walking. No Talcum Powder.

4) Songkran 2012: Siam Square: On Day Two 
4) Trains, Cars and Phi Ta Khon (Thai Ghost Festival)

5) Thai Chili Pepper Scale: A Spicy Secret to Ordering Thai Food
5) Siem Reap. Cambodia. Again. Part Three.

2012: Most visited posts and pages…

Another way to figure out top posts is to use Google Analytics. Playing around with the options I found that the below posts (and pages) were the most popular with search engines and other sites for not just 2012, but for all time. I also discovered that there is no crossover between the most commented on posts (above) and the ones from Google Analytics (below). Odd.

1) Learn Thai for FREE (page)
2) Learn Thai Online for FREE… the Mother of all Resources
3) An Easy Way to Learn Foreign Languages: Part One
4) Thai Keyboard Input (page)
5) Loi Krathong Song Lyrics
6) Thai Translation: Google Translation & Thai Dictionaries
7) Thai Sex Talk for St Valentine’s Day
8) The Easy Way for Beginners to Read and Write Thai
9) An Easy Way to Learn Foreign Languages: Part Two
10) Reviewing Thai Language Schools in Bangkok
11) Thai Language Cheat Sheets
12) Top Thai Language Learning Resources
13) iPhone Apps: Thai Language Phrase books
14) FREE: Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary Download
15) The Thai Alphabet Poem

Note: The Learn Thai for FREE (page) is updated on a regular basis (when I can get to it, anyway). In 2013 I’ll also be updating Thai Language Cheat Sheets, Top Thai Language Learning Resources, iPhone Apps: Thai Language Phrase books, and the Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary Download (sound will be added as well). And that’s a promise.

And now on to 2013…

As per my comment above, “I can tell that it’s going to take me a fair bit of 2013 to catch up”, in 2012 my life was a whirl of busy so please bear with me while I wrap up partially finished series and fulfill promises I’ve made.

Before I go I’d like to thank WLT’s guest writers for all their wonderful posts. Without their expertise this site would be so much less. I’d also like to thank you for stopping by as your support does indeed mean a lot to me.

Happy New Year everyone… and now on to 2013!

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The Speak Thai Slang iOS App

The Speak Thai Slang App

The Speak Thai Slang iOS app…

The idea for the Speak Thai Slang app came from my own growing interest in learning more “street Thai” and efforts to approach the way regular Thai people actually talk, and not sound so much like a walking textbook. I especially started to get more interested in slang when I realized that I could barely understand half of what my Thai friends were posting on Facebook, despite having studied Thai in the classroom for several years.

The one thing you won’t find anywhere in the Speak Thai Slang app are the polite endings ครับ /khráp/ and ค่ะ /khâ/. The easiest way to make something in Thai sound less uptight or formal would be to drop these endings and replace them with something like จ้ะ /jâ/ for statements or จ๊ะ /já/ for questions. These are the ending particles of choice to use if you are flirting with someone. On the other hand, if you are trying to sound cool or tough, then you need to use ว่ะ /wâ/ for statements or วะ /wá/ for questions. Your Thai friends will of course be shocked, possibly offended, and quickly point out to you how rude you sound if they catch you using วะ /wá/ despite the fact that they might use it often themselves and probably hear it on TV dozens of times per day.

Slang is kind of a broad category. So I included in the app stuff like expressions you’d make when you stub your toe, or what you’d say if something really cool and trendy caught your eye. Then there are lots of insults and fighting words that are just fun to know, but hopefully you’d never find yourself in a situation where you need to use them. Far more useful and practical are some of the phrases that can be said in dating situations. And then, of course, no slang app would be complete without a colorful list of terms for certain parts of the human anatomy.

My first version of the Speak Thai Slang app was actually too raunchy for the iPhone, and so specific references to the “dirty deed” have been left out of the current version. But I can share a few with your readers here in the interest of language learning. Thai has quite a few different ways to refer to doing “it”. Probably the most common is the verb เอา (ao), which also means “to take” in general use. Other, more potent verbs, in increasing order of vulgarity, are: ปี้ (bpîi), เย้ด /yét/, and ซี่ /sîi/. A much safer euphemism, often used by married couples, is ทำการบ้าน /tham gaan-bâan/, which translates as “doing the homework”.

Ryan Zander,
Nagaraja Rivers
Two Minute Thai

Speak Thai Slang…

Speak Thai SlangSpeak Thai Slang - Nagaraja Rivers
Price: $2.99
Updated: Aug 30, 2012
Compatible with: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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App Winners: ITS4Thai + iPhone and iPad

ITS4Thai iOS Winners: iPhone + iPad

Winners: ITS4Thai iPhone + iPad apps…

Drum roll… the four winners of the ITS4Thai iPhone and iPad apps are: Bernard, Tom, MV and Meg. The grand prize winner is Meg. Congrats all! If you four would please send me a message via my contact form I’ll give you the app codes asap.

Stuart (ITS4Thai), thank you for making this draw possible, and Talen (Thailand Land of Smiles – no longer online) thank you for sending your readers my way!

Before I sign off I’d like to announce that Stuart is busy getting a new ITS4Thai product ready for launch – a Reading and Writing app. As I’m an advocate of learning how to read Thai, I’m especially looking forward to reviewing the app.

For those who didn’t win the ITS4Thai iPhone + iPad app…

ITS4Thai - Learn Thai Language Conversation and Vocabulary LessonsITS4Thai - Learn Thai Language Conversation and Vocabulary Lessons - I.T.S. 4 KnowledgeIf you didn’t win the ITS4Thai iPhone + iPad app you can do so direct from iTunes. And if you want to top up your lessons, or if you just want to nose around the site, go to ITS4Thai.

Again, congrats to the winners!

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ITS4Thai DRAW + iPhone and iPad Review

ITS4Thai iOS Review: iPhone + iPad

Free ITS4Thai iPhone + iPad apps!…

Excellent! You now have a chance to win one of four free ITS4Thai apps, as well as a grand prize of all of the ITS4Thai Conversation Courses. To be eligible, leave a relevant comment below. Yes, relevant ;-)

I’ve been following Stuart Towns’ ITS4Thai online learning Thai site since 2008. As early as February 2008, ITS4Thai signed up its first customer. As of 2012, over 23,000 registrations have been created. Wow. And now that the course can be accessed via an iOS app, I expect that number to explode!

From Stuart at ITS4Thai…

ITS4Thai iOS Review: iPhone + iPadThe ITS4Thai app is very unique. We have focused on great content, interactivity, and personalization at a reasonable price. So here are a few features that make it the best way to learn Thai:

  • Everyone learns at a different pace with different vocabulary, so the app and website both track the learner’s progress and gives them personalized word lists to study such as words they haven’t seen in a long time, or words that they are having trouble with.
  • The Thai learner’s progress and all game scores will sync between the website, iPhone, and iPad.
  • The app comes with two courses with six lessons each. This will teach 120 words and 15 sentence patterns that use these words.
  • Additional courses can be bought with in-app purchases for US$2.99 for Conversation Courses (vocab and sentences) and US$1.99 Vocabulary Courses (vocab only)
  • These are the same courses that are available on the ITS4Thai website. So purchases on the website, the iPhone, or the iPad will automatically sync between all devices.

At the moment the app needs an Internet connection because it’s always communicating with the ITS4Thai server to deliver the synced personalized content. We are looking into ways to enable this feature this on a future release, but for now, it’s still a great time killer in the taxi on the way to the airport :)

Here’s how the iPad version works:

For more, go to the iTunes store: ITS4Thai – Learn Thai Language Conversation and Vocabulary Lessons

Stuart G Towns,
ITS4Thai Language Conversation and Vocabulary Lessons

The ITS4Thai iPhone + iPad apps review…

ITS4Thai - Learn Thai Language Conversation and Vocabulary LessonsITS4Thai - Learn Thai Language Conversation and Vocabulary Lessons - I.T.S. 4 KnowledgeThai for Beginners
Price: US$0.99
Author: I.T.S. 4 Knowledge Co., Ltd.
Date: July 22, 2012
Version: 2.1
Internet connection required: Yes
Word count: 120
Thai script: Yes
Tone tips: Yes
Zoom: Not needed
Size: 76.8 mg
Sound: Yes, male and female
Quiz: Yes

As Stuart has already given an overview of the app I’ll focus on my experiences so far.

When I first loaded the ITS4Thai iOS app I switched the controls to Thai script. At the moment there’s still transliteration in the instructions but Stuart says it’ll be fixed on the next update (a couple of days from now).

I’ve had access to ITS4Thai since 2008 (2009?) so another change I made was to reset the course to the beginning. Some Thai learners (such as myself) often study in starts and stops so having a clean slate might be of interest. To do so, contact Stuart through the ITS4Thai website.

The basic Introductory Course includes Introductory Conversation and Introductory Vocabulary. Each course has a lesson list, and at the very bottom is a review section. When you start a lesson you’ll see two main listings: Vocabulary and Conversation. Under Vocabulary there is: Word List, Word Practice, and Listening. Under Conversation: Grammar, Sentences, and Sentence Builder.

Word List is where you listen while reading each word (Thai script or transliteration). Flag any words for a later review. Grammar and Sentences are read only.

Word Practice, Listening, and Sentences Builder are where the games begin and the scoring starts. Getting an answer right or wrong will be reflected in your score with a percentage. If you need more practice in any of the games, select Word Practice, Listening, or Sentences Builder straight away (without leaving the lesson you are working on). Clicking the buttons ‘try all again’ and ‘try missed again’ will not change a bad score; they are there to give you more practice. If you want the chance to get a better score, you need to back out of the lesson (not just the game) and then return. Replaying the game will change your score.

The questions in the review are potluck. You don’t get the same questions each time, which is great and (I imagine) can be scary at the same time. Your score is a way to see how far you’ve come in each course (not just individual lessons).

The entire ITS4Thai course is designed to put Thai vocabulary and phrases into your long-term memory. It does that by remembering the strengths and weaknesses you’ve shown when playing the games. So think of the Dashboard as your long-term memory quickstart. In Dashboard you get direct access to what you’ve accomplished so far, as well as what you still need to work on: xx seen words, xx mastered words, xx flagged words, xx almost mastered words, xx words older than two weeks, and xx struggling words. In flagged, almost mastered, older words, and struggling words, you need to have at least 8 words in each group before you can start practicing them.

I’m still playing around with ITS4Thai’s iOS app on both the iPad and the iPhone but I can tell it’s a winner. My weaknesses (that I’ll admit to anyway) are reading the higher numbers and there’s already a marked improvement in my scores. Yeah!

The free ITS4Thai iPhone + iPad apps draw…

As with previous draws, the contest will stay open until Sunday evening, 8pm Thai time. On Monday morning I’ll announce the winners. Leave as many comments as you like – each relevant comment will be entered into the draw.

Good luck everyone! The ITS4Thai iPhone + iPad app is a grand app to have.

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Giveaway: Reading Thai + Reading Thai Words and Sentences

Giveaway: Reading Thai + Reading Thai Words and Sentences

Giveaway: Reading Thai + Reading Thai Words and Sentences…

This giveaway is not going how I’d planned. Apologies, but getting sick right after landing back in Thailand totally messed up my intentions. So I now need to be creative or these free codes will be lost forever. That’s right. Promotional codes have an expiration date and these die on the 21st. Possibly.

So this is what I’m going to do…

There are two different apps (Reading Thai + Reading Thai Words and Sentences) and I have three apps each to giveaway. In the last giveaway we met up with students who seriously want to learn Thai… and since the time is short short…. drum roll…

The winners are: Paul Ellis, Keith Williams, and Mary.

Note to winners: An email is on the way so please collect your app asap! And if you already have a copy then let me know in as short a time as possible as well.

Note to the rest of the world: If for some reason one of the three does not get back to me within a reasonable asap I will gift the set to whoever says ‘hey’ in the comments. And I’ll need a ‘hey’ somewhere in there because I’ll asap need to know who’s on the market for these apps.

Reading Thai: iPhone iPod app…

Reading ThaiReading
Price: US$4.99 | £2.99
Author: Nagaraja Rivers
Date: Updated 02 June 2011
Version: 1.3
Internet connection required: No
Word count: Alphabet + 350 words
Thai script: Yes
Tone tips: Yes
Zoom: Not needed
Sound: Yes
Quiz: No

Reading Thai is one of the very top iPhone apps for just that. It has clear sound files (needed for learning the Thai alphabet). And while it doesn’t have a quiz you can easily fake it by guessing the sound before pushing the button.

I won’t write a complete review in this post because the deed is already done: Win the TOP Reading Thai Alphabet iPhone App. Ah. And I see that I’m apologising in that post too.

Reading Thai words and sentences: iPhone iPod app…

Reading ThaiReading Thai - Words & Sentences - Nagaraja Rivers
Price: US$4.99 | £2.99
Author: Nagaraja Rivers
Date: 22 June 2011
Version: 1.1
Internet connection required: No
Word count: Alphabet + 200 common words
Thai script: Yes
Tone tips: Yes
Zoom: Not needed
Sound: Yes
Quiz: No

Description: If you’ve been learning the Thai alphabet, this app will take your reading ability to the next level. Practice reading Thai words and sentences in the Thai script. Check your reading and comprehension by tapping to reveal the Romanization and English translation for each sentence or set of vocabulary words. Listen to the audio of each sentence spoken slowly so you can clearly hear each word and follow the Thai writing.

If you are new to the Thai script, a review of the 44 consonants of the Thai alphabet has also been included.

While I do have this app, I haven’t reviewed it yet but Richard Barrow has a review here: Reading Thai – Words & Sentences for the iPhone (no longer online).

Note to self: Do a proper review of Reading Thai Words and Sentences (it’s in the works, just needs to see the light of day).

More iPhone iPod iPad stuff you should know…

Even though these have not been revamped for the iPad (yet), they will still work seamlessly. Trust me on this. And more. I always like more.

Anyway, congrats to winners everywhere!

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WINNERS: Thai for Beginners iPhone iPad iPod App

Thai for Beginners iPhone iPad iPod App: Winners

The EIGHT winners of the Thai for Beginners iPad iPhone iPod App…

When I announced this draw there were six free apps. And now there are eight. We have Benjawan Becker from Paiboon Publishing to thank for both treats (and more). Thanks Benjawan, I know there will be many happy Thai language learners after this announcement.

Oh. If you arrived here fresh and don’t know what I’m on about, please read this post: Thai for Beginners iPhone iPad iPod App: Six Apps to Win.

But if you just want to see what the app does, then this review is a taster: Thai for Beginners iPhone App.

And if you want to see even more, then the products page at Paiboon Publishing should do you: Thai for Beginners iPhone App.

And now on to the eight winners of the iPad iPhone iPod App…

When Talen went to chose his Thai for Beginners iPhone App Winners he had his beautiful assistant Mun do the honours. I don’t have a beautiful assistant but I do have man around the house who agreed to stuck his fingers into a bowl filled with names. Sweet.

In the order the names appeared, a congrats from me goes to:

Pei Shan
Dana Ellis

Winners, please contact me asap so I can walk you through to your brand spanking new Thai for Beginners iPad iPhone iPod App. And again, congrats!

But wait. It’s not over…

For those who didn’t walk away with a free app, Josh from Learning Thai (My Story) will be launching a new giveaway. Soon. That’s right. Even more Thai language learners are being gifted with free Thai for Beginners iPad iPhone iPod Apps. Congrats!

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Thai for Beginners iPhone iPad iPod App: Six Apps to Win

Thai for Beginners  iPhone iPad iPod App: 6 Chances to Win

The Thai for Beginners iPad iPhone iPod App: Six Apps to Win…

I just love giving away free apps. This is my second Thai for Beginners app giveaway. You can read about the first giveaway (review included) here: Thai for Beginners iPhone App: Four Apps to Win.

As you can see, I was hoping the winners would come back to share their views on the app. I even made a wee request along those lines. But, as that didn’t happen (and I really really really want to hear from you) I’m going back to my old ways. A draw.

To be included in the draw please follow these simple rules:

  • You need to leave comment(s) below.
  • The comment(s) need to add to the conversation.

Each relevant comment gets counted, so go ahead and leave as many as you like.

The draw will run from now to Sunday the 17th, 8pm BKK time. At that time I will number the reasonable comments and run them through a randomizer. Or a hat. We’ll see. With winners in hand I’ll then post the results. Good luck!

Thai for Beginners iPad iPhone iPod app: Version 1.6…

Trust me, it’s a useful app. If you still need convincing you can read all about it at Paiboon Publishing or scan through the Thai for Beginners iPhone iPad iPod app wrap below:

Thai for Beginners  iPhone iPad iPod appThai for Beginners - Paiboon Publishing -  iPhone iPad iPod appThai for BeginnersThai for Beginners
Price: US$24.99
Author: Dominique Mayrand ©2010 Benjawan Poomsan
Date: July 5, 2011
Version: 1.6
iOS: Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Internet connection required: No
Word count: 3,000+ words and phrases
Thai script: Yes
Tone tips: Yes
Zoom: Not needed
Size: 48.1 Mb
Sound: Yes, male and female
Quiz: Yes

Thai for Beginners iPhone App – Product Page: One of the most popular books for learning the Thai language is now available as an iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch app. Paiboon Publishing again sets the standard for learning the Thai language by bringing Thai for Beginners to the mobile platform.

Key Features:

  • This app teaches you the language skills of speaking, listening and reading Thai.
  • The lessons follow the format of the Thai for Beginners book, but a real Thai male and female voice speak the over 3,000 words and phrases, alternating between male and female pronunciations.
  • Hear a phrase over and over until you can say it correctly. Just click on it.
  • Provides examples of the five tones in Thai: low, falling, high, middle and rising tone.
  • Test your ability to hear and understand Thai with the built-in interactive exercises. You can retake the exercises after studying and improve your score.
  • An advanced level feature allows you to turn off the automatic spoken word so you can test your ability to read the Thai script.
  • Contains many additional useful words and phrases not contained in the book.

Note: You can purchase the original book at your local bookstore (in BKK, obviously) or at Paiboon Publishing here: Thai for Beginners.

And if you are interested in the programming behind the apps, Chris Pirazzi (programmer extraordinaire at Slice of Thai and Word in the Hand) has an excellent post on the subject here: How Thai Language iPad Apps are Designed.

Good luck on the Thai for Beginners iPad iPhone iPod app draw!

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Thai for Beginners iPhone App: Four Apps to Win

Thai for Beginners iPhone App: 4 Chances to Win

Reviewing the Thai for Beginners iPhone app…

Benjawan from Paiboon Bublishing and Dominique Mayrand (programmer for the Thai for Beginners software version) have done it again with another useful iPhone app for the learning Thai market: Thai for Beginners.

Thai for BeginnersThai for Beginners - Paiboon PublishingThai for BeginnersThai for Beginners
Price: US$24.99
Author: Dominique Mayrand ©2010 Benjawan Poomsan
Date: Jan 21, 2011
Version: 1.1
Internet connection required: No
Word count: 3,000+ words and phrases
Thai script: Yes
Tone tips: Yes
Zoom: Not needed
Sound: Yes, male and female
Quiz: Yes

Each of the ten lessons provides Vocabulary and Sentences and an in-depth study of a specific subject. Information is also provided on Tones, Useful Words and Phrases and a Summary of the Thai Writing System.

Every item is presented in three ways: the Thai spelling, a transliteration and a definition in English. In addition, a native Thai speaker says the word, or phrase so you can hear the actual, correct pronunciation.

For every iPhone app I review I check to see if it has the ability to quiz the materials. Because without a quiz, new vocabulary and phrases can go in one ear and keep on going.

Along with legible Thai script and clear sounds recorded by both male and female speakers, being able to quiz yourself is the power of the Thai for Beginners iPhone app.

Thai for Beginners

Starting off with lesson one, you are give three options: Vocabulary, numbers, and sentences. For each you are given the choice to preview the materials or do the exercises. In preview you click to hear each word. Scrolling down gets you to the end of the vocabulary list.

Thai for Beginners

In the exercise (quiz) section you have additional choices: Reading and listening or reading only. I chose reading and listening. Right away a male voice says the word written in Thai script at the top of the screen. If you didn’t understand the first time you can click to hear the word again. Then it’s your job to select the correct word in English.

When you finish you are given a score. And no worries, the scores are not final (and no, Benjawan will not get an alert every time you score badly ;-). You can retake the quiz as many times as needed.

If you cannot complete a lesson before leaving the app you can always resume later.

The Thai for Beginners iPhone app was designed to accompany the Thai for Beginners book and CD but it’s useful on its own so please don’t let that stop you from acquiring it.

Besides the sound files and quiz format, what I really like about this app is its simplicity. When I find the time to study on my iPhone it’s ten minutes here and there, usually in traffic. So really, for that kind of studying I don’t need a lot of options. I have barely enough time to review words, get tested, and then get out of the taxi and on with my life.

I now have my fingers crossed that Benjawan makes similar apps for intermediate and advanced Thai learners (hint) (hint) and more. Because with all the vocabulary and sound files on their popular Thai-English talking dictionary for both the computer and iPhone, there are materials for plenty more.

But WAIT! You have four chances to win…

To celebrate her new iPhone app, Benjawan gifted me with four promo codes to give away. That’s right. Four. And four apps at $24.99 each is quite generous. Thank you Benjawan :-)

Instead of a draw this time (in my house a three day weekend equals boondoggle), it’s going to be first come first serve. So the first people who redeem the codes below will be the proud owners of the Thai for Beginners iPhone App.

[codes removed]

If you’ve never used a promo code before, follow this link (it’ll open iTunes): Redeem Landing Page. Paste in the code then click the redeem button and it’s all yours!

And if you do win one of the apps please come back and tell us all about it, ok?

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