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Learn Thai With Mod

Learn Thai With Mod

Learn Thai With Mod…

Adjima (Mod) is just as cute as can be. Agreed? So when I came across her YouTube channel, ThaiwithMod, I just had to share it with my buddy Scott, the connoisseur of all things Thai. After poking around, we were both of the opinion that Adjima’s presentation is fun and her enunciation clear, making her YouTube channel perfect for newbies to the Thai language.

Learn Thai with Mod, fun & easy!…

I recently added a Thai teachers section in the top nav on WLT (the Learn Thai via Skype: Locating Teachers and Schools link is there too). As I was chuffed with Adjima’s method of teaching, I asked if she wanted to be included. And she did. She also sent over the below information, perfect for this post:

I was born in Bangkok and grew up in Nakornsithammarat in Southern Thailand, and then later on again I moved back to Bangkok for my studies. After having graduated from Thammasat University, I spent the following four years in international auditing roles which contributed a great deal for my approach to teach my business clients. Throughout those years in the corporate environment I felt my real calling is teaching, which I first started in a language school and now with my own business for the past year.

I really enjoy the interaction with my students and meeting people from around the world. I am delighted with my students’ improvement and enjoy working together towards mutually agreed goals. I tailor my courses according to the need of the students whether they are beginner level people visiting the country or more advanced students wanting to learn Thai for business purposes.

I deliver one-to-one training which I believe is the most successful formula when learning a language as complex as Thai. My goal is to try and incorporate the latest technology and materials into my courses, whether it is supportive online services or Skype training for overseas people and business people with busy schedules or travel commitments.

I use materials from Paiboon Publishing which is range from beginners to advance level and tailor made materials to apply to the level of the students and their needs. I always prefer meeting the student one-to-one whether it is on-line or off-line for a complimentary session to find out what the student wishes to achieve and how we can best work together.

If you want to take Thai lessons from Adjima (Mod) either in person or via Skype, her contact details and information are below:

Adjima Thaitrong (Mod)
YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/ThaiwithMod”>ThaiwithModv
Website: Learn Thai With Mod
Location: Thailand
Times:  8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday – Friday (Bangkok Time +7 GMT ICT Time Zone)
Pricing: 400 Baht per hour. 30 hrs: 12,000 Baht, 60 hrs: 23,000 Baht, 90 hrs: 33,000 Baht
Payment method: Paypal or cash payment
Teaching materials:  Benjawan Poomsan Becker books Paiboon Publishing and tailor-made materials

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Free Thai Lessons at Survival Phrases

Free lessons at Survival Phrases

Innovative Language Learning…

Before I started downloading iPhone Thai language apps to review, I hadn’t heard of Innovative Language Learning. Their frequent inroads into the Thai language learning market interested me enough to take a look.

wikipedia.org (now deleted – oops): Innovative Language Learning sites provide podcasts with accompanying text expansion exercises and other extensive tutoring aids available to paid subscribers or “premium subscribers”. While Innovative Language Learning, LLC is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the lessons are recorded at various locations throughout the world.

And while they didn’t have a Thai iPhone phrase book app on the market when I wrote iPhone apps: Thai Language Phrase books late last year, they do now: SurvivalPhrases – Thai (no longer online).

Free lessons at Survival Phrases Thai…

There are two versions of Survival Phrases Thai. One is the iPhone app mentioned above, and the other is their online version with mp3 and pdf downloads. From what I can tell, the sound files are exactly the same.

Each lesson is about 4-6 minutes long. They start with an explanation of the Thai words and phrases, and then run you through your Thai paces at the end of each lesson.

The lessons are geared towards tourists coming to Thailand, but they are a decent introduction to the Thai language for those living in Thailand as well.

SurvivalPhrases.com is designed to provide world travelers with essential phrases in multiple languages and cultural insight you will not find in a textbook.

The 50+ phrases selected for this series are the most useful travel phrases as determined by a frequency of use analysis. In addition, the topics and cultural insight are also the result of careful research on up-to-date topics.

The full version of Survival Phrases Thai has 60 lessons at a knockdown price of US$25. So if my tally is correct, they work out to around 40 cents per lesson.

Free lessons at Survival Phrases - Innovative Languages

Are you into FREE? Then check their course out beforehand, gratis. To do that, get the first ten lessons free either on their website, or by signing up via iTunes: Thai Survival Phrases. If you do download their mp3’s at iTunes, be sure to go to their site to get the free pdf’s written for each lesson.

The free lessons cover: Thank you, you’re welcome, please, basic greetings, parting greetings, where’s the bathroom, can you speak English, I don’t understand, say it again please, apologies, business greetings, non smoking / smoking, at the table, table etiquette, and getting the check.

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Learn Thai Online for FREE… the Mother of all Resources

Free Thai Lessons

FREE Thai language learning resources…

For months I’ve been promising to clean Women Learning Thai’s messy Learning Thai resources. After mulling it over, I’ve gone whole hog with FREE. Free downloads, free websites, free software, all free.

Note: This is part announcement, part teaser post. For the full wack, go to: Learn Thai for FREE

Free online Thai courses…

FSI Thai Basic Course
Thai language course developed by the Foreign Service Institute. Pdf and mp3 downloads.

FSI Intermediate Course
FSI workbook (lessons 1-80) with supplementary exercises for the Thai Basic Course. Pdf download.

FSI Thai Basic Reader
FSI supplementary textbook for self-study. Pdf download.

The lessons are written for English-speaking expats living in Thailand, travelers to Thailand, those doing business in Thailand, and those who are simply learning the language. Mp3 audio and mp4 video downloads.

Supported by Northern Illinois University, this site is slightly old-fashioned but well worth the time it takes to dig into all the various nooks and crannies. Includes sound.

Teachthai.com (no longer online but sometimes Thai gov sites come back)
Interactive Thai language e-Learning course covering the basics of Thai. Flash based, includes sound. Hosted by the Department of Non-formal Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand.

The Fundamentals of the Thai Language
Thai course with 26 lessons. By Stuart Campbell and Chuan Shaweevongs (Fifth Edition, not under copyright). No sound.

The Thai System of Writing
This book is designed to be used with the Thai Reader and the Thai Vocabulary.

Free online Thai mini lessons…

DLI FLC: Field Support Modules
For a conflict situation… Pdf and mp3 downloads.

elearning with Sriwittayapaknam School
Thai only. If you can’t read the Thai script, click on the icons.

Learn Thai online with simple games.

Learn Thai Online
101 Languages has an overview of the Thai language.

Learn to read Thai Tutorials (links work)
By Phil at Phil.UK.Net. Also beneficial are the notes detailing his first Thai lessons.

Excellent resource with Thai consonant / vowel flashcards, printable flashcards for the Thai consonants and vowels, consonant shape learning aid, chart of the 44 Thai consonants arranged by similar shape, voice viewer, the five tones of the Thai language, the consonant sounds of Thai, the vowel sounds of Thai, pronunciation guide systems for Thai.

Speak Real Thai
Lessons cover greetings, how to wai, how to make a suggestion politely, giving a snappy retort, how much money to give a beggar, dialects.

Thai For Beginners Study Aids
Matching word quiz, jumbled sentences, exercises and more exercises. You don’t need Becker’s Thai For Beginners course book, but it helps.

Thai Language Games
Interactive game to learn Thai numbers, colours, fruits and vegetables.

World Nomads – Free Travellers Language Guide
Thai iPod language guide. Thai language guide app for iPhone & iPod touch. Pdf and Mp3 downloads.

Free Thai lessons from pay sites…

BYKI: Before You Know It
Software which includes a collection of lists to learn Thai. Download software with sound.

Conversation course (400 Thai words with sentences), 5 lesson vocabulary course (50 Thai words), and the first 3 lessons free for their Thai script course. Online course.

Learn Thai Podcasts
Blog style Thai Language lessons with video and audio. Pdf, mp3 audio and mp4 video downloads.

Top Thai language learning websites…

Learning Thai the Easy Way (offline for now)
Extensive resource for learning the Thai language: Forums, Thai alphabet, Thai script, read Thai, grammar notes, listening resources, reading resources, Thai road signs, short stories, study aids, games and quizzes, exams, your name in Thai, and much much more. Home of Read with Manee.

Learn to Speak Like a Thai (spokenthai.com – offline for now)
Video and audio clips to help you speak like a Thai. Mp3 downloads.

Internet resource for learning the Thai language: Lessons, forums, dictionary with an excellent search criteria, and Thai language reference.

The mother of all FREE Thai resources…

For the full collection of totally FREE online Thai resources, head on over to Learn Thai for FREE.

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Improved ITS4Thai Online Thai Lessons


Learn over 2000 Thai words…

For months I’ve been meaning to write a review about ITS4Thai as it is a wonderful little program with a beaut of a price range.

Their recent press release was a reminder.

ITS4Thai has over 200 lessons that can teach you over 2,000 Thai words and 1,500 sentence combinations. Our lessons cover a wide range of every-day situations that are guaranteed to help you communicate with your Thai friends more easily.

We now offer three low-cost ways for you to become fluent in the Thai language.

You can:

  • Subscribe to all 200+ lessons for the low price of only 249 baht per month (US$6.99/month). This includes any future lessons that we create as well. You can stop your subscription at any time with no penalty.
  • Buy all 200+ lessons with no expiration date for only 2,900 baht (US$79.99). This includes the upcoming Thai Script Course 2. The regular price for these lessons is over 3,200 baht but you can save by buying the whole set.
  • Purchase individual courses for 199-499 baht (US$5.49-14.99) for 15-40 lessons in each course.

If you haven’t been to ITS4Thai in a while, we invite you back to see what has changed. We are really looking forward to helping you learn to understand and speak the Thai Language at ITS4Thai.com.

I still plan on writing that review, but for now, enjoy…

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