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The Red Shirts: Thai Reading and Listening

Learn Thai with the Red Shirts

Learn Thai with the Red Shirts…

When it comes to learning the Thai language, there is a real need for decent materials. Gaccha, an expat living in Bangkok, aims to inspire others to contribute their Thai skills towards creating the needed materials.

I ‘met’ Gaccha online last year when he translated and compiled a Pulp Fiction video on YouTube. He’s just released an article from Voice of America (first shared on Thaivisa.com).

Btw: For the record, I am not Red or Yellow. I am for the Thai people.

And now… over to Gaccha…

I have taken a Thai language article on Thaksin and the red shirts from Voice of America, and translated every single word(**) and transliterated all of it for maximum user advantage. There is then a Thai audio that is almost identical to the script. And there is an identical article in English. So for a one page article it is now 24 pages long.

PDF format: Red Shirts Thaksin Rally

Red Shirts Thaksin Rally:

Red Repetition:

I suggest the following…

Advanced level:

  • Listen to the audio initially and try to catch every word.
  • Check against the article.


  • Read the article and try to work out meanings of words that you do not recognise.
  • Check these words and then read again.
  • Then listen to the audio for around three sentences until your brain can instantly recognise every word.


  • Try to read each word and check against the transliteration.
  • Listen to the audio and see if you can pick up any words.
  • Try to learn about 5 words and listen again to the audio.

Please note the following key:

  • [G] Grammar– requires individual look up the word in a grammar book.
  • (*) Word is a repeat. You failed to remember from first appearance in the article.
  • // indicates this is another meaning of the word.
  • / indicates this is a variation on a single meaning of word.

I have done this partially to show you all what a great idea this is and partially to persuade language publisher professionals to do the same.

(**) I have not translated what are essentially grammar points. If you don’t know these already you are probably a bit out of your depth already. Check out a beginner grammar book.


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Baby Bird Watching in Bangkok

bird eggs

Birds come and birds go…

The Wednesday before last, my housekeeper came running into the living room all excited (I know it was a Wednesday because it is the only day I have someone in to clean).

นกมา! นกมา!
nók maa! nók maa!
Translation: Bird come! Bird come!

Waving her arms for me to follow, we went to the back of the house to see. And yes indeed, a bird had come, depositing two spotted eggs as well.

With the excitement over, I settled back to work. Soon after, I was notified again about the status of the bird.

นกไปแล้ว! นกไปแล้ว!
nók bpai láew! nók bpai láew!
Translation: Bird go already! Bird go already!

The whole day was rather fun actually, with us going back and forth looking at either the eggs or the bird on the eggs.

A Thai bird day in Bangkok…

When my Thai teacher showed up the following day, she also became excited about having bird eggs around, so the bird became the focus of our lesson.

Note: To see the English transliteration, scroll your mouse over the Thai script (pretty nifty, yes?)

mee kài nók sŏng fong yòo nai rang nók bon dtôn bpaam
Translation: There are two eggs in the birds nest on the palm.

dtàe dton-née lĕua kâe nèung fong
Translation: But now there is only one egg left.

láe mee lôok nók tòok fák òk maa nèung dtua
Translation: And then the egg hatched and we have one baby chick.

lôok nók gèuap lòn prór wâa róng nók iang
Translation: The nest tilted and the baby bird almost fell out…

dtàe maew gôr dâai tam rang hâi dtrong
Translation: … but I fixed it.

Stay tuned for more as the chick grows wings and takes flight (hopefully)…

And please feel free to suggest corrections to my Thai, ok?

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