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FREE Thai Course in Suk: Learn to Read and Write Thai

FREE Thai Course in Suk: Learn to Read and Write

Learn to read and write for free…

EDIT: The offer is over – thanks for joining in!

Good news for Thai beginners currently living near Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok who do not know how to read and write Thai but who are interested in and want to start learning how to read and write Thai.

One of my regular contributors, a native Thai speaker, is looking for a few beginners to be her guinea pig students in a face-to-face foundational introduction to learning how to read and write Thai course.

A total of five morning group sessions [two sessions a week] are planned, with each session lasting at least fifty minutes (half of the time for learning how to write and the other half for learning how to read).

My contributor wishes to emphasize the fact that she is not a professionally trained teacher and that the main reason she is doing this is because she has been sharing her knowledge of Thai with people interested in learning the language for a number of years now and many of those who have enjoyed the interesting and humorous way that she has gone about so, have always asked her to share insights into learning how to read and write Thai. She thinks that it is now time that she does so and hence her wanting to test the waters so to speak this way.

She’s hoping that her observations and feedback from the students during these sessions will inform and prepare her for beginning to share with Thai beginners insights into learning how to read and write Thai.

I can personally vouch for her and I personally find her to be a wonderful and naturally gifted teacher though she stubbornly refuses to be called a teacher.

I think that this is a fantastic opportunity for Thai beginners currently living near Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok who want to learn how to read and write Thai.

Places are limited so please hurry up and send your details via WLT’s contact form and tell us a little bit about your current level. Successful applicants will be notified via e-mail.

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WLT’s Thai Language Giveaway: Learn Thai Style

WLTs Thai Language Giveaway

WLT’s Thai Language Giveaway…

Welcome to week FIVE of WLT’s seven weeks of Thai language giveaways by top movers and shakers in the learning Thai industry.

To find out about the $4,500+ in prizes being given away do read the intro post, Please Vote THAI and WIN! 2015: Top 100 Language Lovers Competition.

The previous FOUR giveaway posts by sponsor are: 1) Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand, and 2) DCO Books and Orchid Press, and 3) PickupThai Podcast, and 4) Learn Thai Podcast. Once again, congrats to the lucky winners! That list is getting long…

WLTs Thai Language Giveaway

Learn Thai Style…

WLTs Thai Language GiveawayWhat’s on offer at Learn Thai Style is mind-boggling, so to do it justice I’ll save a complete review for later. Briefly, it goes like this:

  1. Decide which course you want to take.
  2. Pay a one-off lifetime fee for the course.
  3. If necessary, choose your Thai teacher either by location or Skype.
  4. Start working through the lessons with either your trained Thai teacher or via self-study.

Maarten Tummers: As far as I am concerned, Learn Thai Style is one of the more comprehensive sites for learning Thai. Their main focus is one-on-one tutoring, but they have lessons via Skype as well. And their website is gigantic – they have so much stuff going on! I can only imagine the work Jiab and Tom put into the site and study materials. I’d render the winner of your contest a lucky fellow (or gal).

I really love how this works. You pay your Thai teacher direct, at local prices. For instance, Learn Thai Style teachers in Thailand get 300 baht per hour (about what Thai teachers in Chiang mai charge for one-on-one). While in the US it’s $18 and in the UK it’s £12. Payment for travel to and from the class is whatever the two of you decide. Skype is charged local prices (wherever the teacher is) but there are no travel charges (obviously).

What I really found fantastic is that first the Thai teachers are trained for free (no charge) on the proper usage of Learn Thai Styles’ well-developed materials. Then they use these same materials (audio, video, pdfs) to teach their students.

Yet with all of that, the teachers do not have to pay fees for the materials or the students they receive through Learn Thai Style. Instead, the one-off fee you pay LTS covers the course materials, website, marketing, etc, and the teachers keep what they make.

What this means is that the teachers can then avoid having the additional overhead of their own websites, teaching materials, and marketing costs. Face it, not everyone is cut out to run their own business; it takes time, money, and lots of trial and error to get it right.

Another plus to this method is that with all teachers being trained with the same materials, if you move around you can still continue to study. It’s perfect for world travelers who bounce around, and if your teacher moves away (it happens) you won’t lose momentum locating a new teacher.

And here’s a detail that really pushes the envelope in the learning Thai industry. If you have a willing Thai partner or Thai friend who’s interested in taking the time to teach you but doesn’t know how to go about it, they too can train with Learn Thai Style (at no cost to themselves).

WLTs Thai Language Giveaway

Speak Thai & Read and Write Thai…

On WLT’s FIFTH giveaway, FOUR winners get to choose either the Speak Thai Course or the Read and Write Course. Both are valued at 3,900 baht each.

Important to note: The prize for the Speak Thai Course does not include Thai tutors (lesson fees are paid direct to the teacher of your choice) while the Read and Write Course can be self-study (no Thai teachers needed but recommended).

The winners will receive:

  1. Lifetime access to the course.
  2. Over 40 hours of audio and video materials.
  3. Self-study materials to download (over 300 worksheets and audio files).
  4. Online quizzes to put your skills to the test.
  5. Access to over 700 teachers trained to use the materials.

Read and Write Thai: Learn the Thai alphabet, reading and writing system, grammar, sentences and general conversation.

Speak Thai: Learn about the background of the Thai language, simple grammar, and dialog and vocabulary used in everyday Thai.

These are real courses, just like in a proper language classroom. They are not a data-dump. Using text, audio, and video, the subject matter for each lesson is explained, and then they want you to DO things. That’s right. To quiz you on what you studied, they give you plenty of question/answer sections and practicals. Putting all of your language learning senses to work, both courses incorporate listening, reading, writing and speaking (but up to you if you want to write during the speaking course).

There are seven stages to the Read and Write Thai Course and three for the Speak Thai Course. To keep students from being overwhelmed by the serious amount of study materials available, you can only access a new stage after you’ve finish the one you are working on. To help improve each course, before moving on to following stages you are asked to share your experiences.

The stages include introductions, working chapters, and revisions to end. The pdfs are not protected so you can easily extract Thai to create flashcards using Anki, BYKI, or other flashcard programs you happen to fancy. I’m all for it because I’m always wanting to fiddle.

When you complete the Speak Thai Course you’ll have a good handle on basic Thai conversations. When you complete the Read and Write Thai Course the world of written Thai will be at your fingertips! I’d list all of the subjects in each one but there’s just to much to share for a post of this type, so do stay tuned for more in-depth reviews.

And here’s a bit about the sponsors…

WLTs Thai Language GiveawayTom and Jiab met through a friend in Bangkok on Tom’s first trip in 2004. It was love at first sight! At that time Jiab was working as an assistant manager seven days a week, while putting herself through university. She ended up with not only a bachelor’s degree but taught herself English along the way.

It wasn’t until 2007 that Tom eventually moved to Thailand. They married in 2008 and moved to the UK where Jiab taught Thai and started developing the groundwork for the courses you see now on Learn Thai Style.

In a joint light bulb moment they realised the opportunity to develop a complete solution for teaching Thai; from using Jiab’s materials as a base, to providing trained Thai teachers for both one-on-one and Skype.

Tom and Jiab’s skills clearly compliment each other in the running of Learn Thai Style. Jiab is an accomplished Thai teacher, translator and interpreter with high standards. While Tom handles the website (I just love their design), deals with the fiddly bits of the business, and manages staff and clients. And they both spend hours brainstorming new projects to make Learn Thai Style the best it can be.

Rules for WLTs Thai Language Giveaway…

If you’ve forgotten, the rules are simple:

  • To be included in the draw, leave comments below.
  • Comment(s) need to add to the conversation (it really does matter).
  • Each relevant comment gets counted, so please do leave as many as you like!
  • If you don’t collect your prize within a week of the announcement, it will be given away to the next person in line.

There is no limit to how many prizes you can win.

The draw will run from this moment until the 1st of July, 6am Thai time. At that time I’ll announce the winners in the comments below as well as create a dedicated post.

Again, my thanks goes to Jiab and Tom for gifting this fabulous course! I’m looking forward to doing the coming review justice (I just love stuff and this course is swimming in it :)

WLTs 2015 Thai Language Giveaway…

Here are the posts so far in WLT’s Thai Language Giveaway.

And remember, after this there’s still TWO more weeks of prizes to be given out to celebrate WLT turning seven. Good luck everyone!

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Thai Teachers Teaching Thai Twisted English

Thai Teachers Teaching Thai Twisted English

Thai Teachers teaching Thai twisted English…

There’s a hilarious video about Thais teaching English to Thais being shared around Facebook. I got it from Maarten Tummers (isn’t he talented?) who got it from Kruu Jiab (Learn Thai Style). I don’t know where Kruu Jiab got it from, but it was created by the new (to me) comedians at WorkPointOfficial.

This Thai way of teaching English to Thais is oh so common in Thailand. I too have been on a weird receiving end of discussions about what’s right or not as far as English pronunciation goes (tedious). But when it comes to grammar, I’ve been known to bow out because my Thai friends are sometimes better informed about English grammar than I am. I do know what sounds right (but it sometimes isn’t).

Expats with kids in the Thai school system will recognise this scenario. Teachers in Thailand demand respect no matter what. And from what I’ve read, expat parents are having to advise their kids to ignore incorrect teaching the best they can. It’s either that, or receive bad grades from teachers who know best. Difficult.

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Learn Thai via Skype: Locating Teachers and Schools

Study Thai Online

Where to find Skype teachers…

Teaching Thai via Skype is a growing industry. And learning languages via Skype is ideal because the students don’t need to be in the same exact location as their teachers. They can reside in the same city (like I do), or live on different continents.

Being in different countries means dealing with time zones and currencies. To figure out what a Skype teacher charges as well as what time they teach, below are two resources I use:

The World Clock: Time Zones
Currency Exchange Rates: Calculator

Thai Skype teachers advertise on forums, teacher/student sites, etc. And that’s helpful. The downside is that some have either stopped teaching via Skype, or they don’t answer emails.

Note: The teachers and schools listed below are ethical, and experienced at teaching Thai. If you run into any problems, please contact me.

If your Skype teacher is featured below, please drop by to say ‘hi’. And if you teach Thai via Skype, or know of a reputable teacher who does, please let me know via my contact form.

Thai teachers using Skype…

Thai Teacher: Adjima Thaitrong (Mod)
YouTube Channel: ThaiWithMod
Website: Learn Thai With Mod
Location: Thailand
Times:  8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday – Friday (Bangkok Time +7 GMT ICT Time Zone)
Payment method: Paypal or cash payment
Teaching materials:  Benjawan Poomsan Becker books Paiboon Publishing and tailor-made materials

Also teaches on location: Go to Thai Teachers

Feature on WLT: Learn Thai With Mod

I deliver one-to-one training which I believe is the most successful formula when learning a language as complex as Thai. My goal is to try and incorporate the latest technology and materials into my courses, whether it is supportive online services or Skype training for overseas people and business people with busy schedules or travel commitments.

Thai Teacher: Bim
Website: bimbimkha
Email: somjaicindy@gmail.com
Phone: +66 086-352-9722
Location: Bangkok
Times: 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday – Sunday
Teaching materials: Benjawan Poomsan Becker books. The courses are extremely flexible, and tailored to best meet each individual student’s needs.

Thai Teacher: Bon ratta
Website: Learn Thai the Bon’s Way
Location: Norway
Times: Sat and Sun from 9am – 5pm
Payment method: Paypal
Teaching materials: Not based on any particular book.

Feature on WLT: Learn Thai with Bon: First YouTube, now Blogger and Skype

I haven’t used any books since I started teaching via Skype. I pick a theme to talk about and we expand from there. Role-play has been my favorite way to teach lately. I find it quick and effective.

Thai Teacher: Duangrudee Methakullachat (Kim)
YouTube Channel: SkypeLearnThai Kim
Website: Skype Learn Thai
Location: Japan
Times: 8.00-23.00 (GMT+9)
Payment method: Paypal, Credit Card
Teaching materials: Benjawan Poomsan Becker books, pdf files.

The class involves ping-pong style conversation which helps the student think along the learning process. Learning materials include textbook and pdf files that will be emailed to students before the lesson. Price does not include textbook.

Thai Teacher:Jan Kannaphat
Website: StudyThai.org
Facebook: Study Thai with Kru Jan
Email: jan@studythai.org
Location: Nimmanhaemin, Chiang Mai and Online via Skype
Times: Flexible – As agreed.
Teaching Materials: Materials: Self-built curriculum with materials tailored towards your requirements.

Hi! I’m a former teacher of licensed Thai language schools with a BA(Hons) in Linguistics from Chiang Mai University.

I have over 5 years professional experience teaching Thai as a foreign language and now work full-time as a independent freelance tutor from my own convenient private classroom in Nimman, Chiang Mai. I can also teach over Skype.

Don’t be shy! I’m super-friendly and fluent in English. No question is too difficult.

Visit my website for more details on lessons and join my Facebook group!

Also teaches on location: Go to Thai Teachers

Thai Teacher: Kanokkarn “Goy” Yoshihira
Location: Thailand
Website: Thailand Translator
Times: 24/7
Payment: Paypal, Western Union, Money Transfer
Teaching materials: Normal Thai English Teaching Books and online material.

We strongly believe in a personal approach for each student. Some just need to communicate with the Thai girlfriends and some need to learn the Thai way / culture to do business in Thailand. We believe in giving each and every student a personal teaching plan that suits them. I seen many schools in Bangkok teach students things they will probably never use and it is a waste of the students time.

Thai Teacher: Katt Walker
Website: Khon Kaen Education & Travel Programs
Location: Thailand
Times: Everyday between 9am & 9pm, Thai time
Payment method: Paypal or cash
Teaching material: Paiboon materials & numerous other texts. The course content is flexible and specifically tailored to the student’s needs.

My name is Katt and I teach Thai language in person and on video Skype. I also specialize in teaching the Isaan dialect which is spoken in Northeast, Thailand! All potential students are welcome to do a FREE 30 minute class prior to committing to a paid course. My English is quite good and I can provide references upon request.

Also teaches on location: Go to Thai Teachers

Thai Teacher: Khun Pari
Email: info.learnthai@gmail.com
Phone: +46700269699
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Times: upon your request, Central European Time Zone(UTC+01:00)
Payment method: Paypal
Teaching materials: Thai for Beginners, materials in PDF files, Words, pictures, music, newspapers, etc. Daily Thai conversations to build up your vocabulary.

Thai Teacher: Kru Aw (Tipsuda Rerkma)
Email: kru.awtipsuda@gmail.com
Phone: 0895695192
Facebook: Amazing grace Thai-Isan tutor in Khon Kaen
Location: Khon Kaen (near Khon Kaen university)
Times: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm. Monday – Saturday and flexible-as agreed.
Payment method: Paypal (student pay Paypal fee 5%)
Teaching materials: I normally provide a year course for missionaries in Isan so I have self-built curriculum with materials and I also use many books and texts, pictures and cards.

Also teaches on location: Go to Thai Teachers

Thai Teacher: Kru Kat
Email: katrinanpotts@gmail.com
Phone: 088-562-1041
Location: Kranuan, Khon Kaen and Online through Skype, Line, FaceTime, etc.
Times: All
Payment method: Paypal/Cash
Teaching materials: student’s own materials supplemented with teacher’s/online links and games

As a person who is half Thai and half American who is also fluent in English, Thai, and Isan, I have a diverse background with much to offer.

I can translate emails, documents, etc. and am an able interpreter. Feel free to call to negotiate rates.

Thai Teacher: Kru Mint
Email: aj.mintmail@gmail.com
Phone: 081-8924188
Location: Phuket, Thailand and Online through Skype or Line
Times: Flexible – As agreed (Bangkok Time +7 GMT ICT Time Zone)
Payment method: Paypal/Cash
Teaching materials:

  • Thai for Beginners in Speaking and Listening (Conversation Lesson)
  • Writing & Reading Lesson
  • Materials in PDF files, Basic text, pictures, music, newspapers, etc.
  • Self-developed upon each student’s status

I graduated in degree of Thai language (First-class honors). I have 2 years experience teaching Thai as a foreign language and now I’m working full-time as a freelance language instructor from my own convenient private classroom in Phuket, and I am teaching over Skype with foreign students from another countries.

Feel free to contact me for further information.

Also teaches on location: Go to Thai Teachers

Thai Teacher: Mia Rongsiaw
Location: Thailand
Website: Learn2speakthai.net
Times: 10:00-20:00 local time
Payment: Paypal
Teaching materials: Tailor-made PDF lessons, white board, recommended books & CDs, songs, etc.

I’ve taught Thai all levels to foreigners for over 4 years. I’m currently teaching Thai in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mostly private lessons at all levels.

In order to learn Thai, you need a tutor who speak fluent English and Thai. I will help you to speak Thai in a fun and easy way and prepare you for your next trip to Thailand.

I will adapt the lesson to your particular needs and do it at your own pace. You will achieve your goals quickly with all the support, feedback and motivation you need.

Not only you will learn to speak language but you will also learn the ways of Thai culture and tradition. In no time at all you will be speaking Thai and maybe even thinking like a Thai.

I’m offering a special free 30 minute consultation where we can get familiar with each other and plan the right curriculum for you to reach your goal.

Thai Teacher: Narisa Naropakorn
Website: Thai Skype Teacher
Location: Thailand
Times: 10 am – 10 pm Thai time
Teaching materials: Your choice

Feature on WLT: Interview with Thai Skype Teacher Khun Narisa Naropakorn

My natural teaching style is freeform, but I will use other materials if a request is made. I generally go with an approach called ‘student centered’. This is where I focus on my learners’ lifestyle and needs, what they interact with on a day to day basis, what their special interests are, as well as their personalities. So what this means is that each class is created on the spot, tailored to the individual student. It makes the lessons fun and lively because the students are learning phrases and vocabulary of interest to them.

I believe people learn differently according to how they perceive information. So I teach each of my students in the learning style suited to them. To discover their learning style, I have each student fill out a questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences on how people perceive the world and make decisions.

Conversation: I supplement my teaching with educational sheets from three course books I wrote called ‘Survival Thai’ and ‘Comfortable Thai’. The books were written when I headed a Thai language section in 1995. I use materials from the books to teach beginning students who can say nothing in Thai except ‘sawaddii’ (hello), to the point where they can discuss fluently in Thai to express ideas and needs. I believe the success of these books is from the method of introducing learners step-by-step to both Thai culture and language.

Thai for Tourist: This is a 2 hour short course focusing on situations, e.g. greeting, shopping, and using a taxi.

Reading and writing: For all levels I create exercises that give tips to strengthen their reading skills.

For zero beginners, to save time and costs I first recommend that they start learning the theory from available online resources. I then create exercises to strengthen their reading skills based on their lives (stories about themselves, friends and families). I also add real life reading materials (menus, street signs, etc).

Reading and writing intermediate: I create exercises that give tips to strengthen their reading skills based on their life, eg. stories of themselves or their families. I also add the real life reading material (menus, street signs).

Reading and writing advanced: I select real Internet news and articles which suits the learners interest and lifestyle to read together in the class or assign as homework.

Thai Teacher: Noi Naa (Parisa Koknoi)
YouTube Channel: Speak Thai With Noi Naa
Website: Speak Thai With Noi Naa
Location: Chiang Mai
Times: 6-10 pm M-F, and 9am-10pm Sat-Sun
Payment method: PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer
Teaching materials: “Thai for Beginners”, “Thai for Intermediate Learners”, & “Thai for Advanced Readers” by Benjawan Poomsan Becker; “Essential Thai” by James Higbie; and my own material.

I offer a free 30 minute trial lesson, and if the student pays for 10 lessons in advance, they get an extra lesson free.

The structure of the lessons will depend on what the student is most interested in learning. Some may want to practice reading and writing, while others are more interested in speaking only. If you’re just coming to Thailand for a holiday or you’re living here for a long time, you’ll have different goals for learning Thai. So I can adjust the lessons to suit the needs of the student.

I encourage the students to practice Thai through conversation, not just through a textbook.

I’m also available for face-to-face lessons in Chiang Mai, and I can teach couples or small groups as well.

Also teaches on location: Go to Thai Teachers

Thai Teacher: por-heidi
Email: thai.deutsch.thai@gmail.com
Phone: 0852926648
Website: Thai Deutsch Thai
Location: Hua Hin, Cha-am, Prachub Khirikhan
Times: evening or as agreed
Teaching materials: Benjawan’s books, Sriwilai Ponmanee and my own materials that suit my students
Skype: heidi-thailand

Thai Teacher: Porpich (Julia)
Email: porpich@gmail.com
Phone: 0831366032
Location: Thailand
Times: Mon-Fri: 7:00pm–7:00am, Sat-Sun: Flexible
Payment: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Cash
Teaching materials: Books, sheets, CDs, songs, etc.

Thai Teacher: Puchapong Puttarak (Kru CAN)
Website: krucan.com
Location: Thailand
Times: 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. Everyday except Thursday (Bangkok Time +7 GMT ICT Time Zone)
Pricing: 650 Baht per hour / 10 hrs at 6,000 Baht
Payment method: Paypal or SCB Bank Transfer
Teaching materials: Tailor-made materials

I’m a professional online Thai tutor with more than three years’ experience teaching Thai to foreigners. I offer professional online Thai lessons especially for those “who want to go beyond the basics.”

I customize my materials to fit the needs of individual students and also consider other factors, for example, how they learn best, how fast they learn, and how much time they have. Right now, I also use my some of my blog posts as my materials.

Name: Sumet Jirakasemwat (Met)
Email: good2thaionline@gmail.com
Skype: good2thaionline@gmail.com
Facebook: good2thaionline
Phone: +66869775334
Location: Nearby BTS/MRT stations in BKK or Skype
Times: Monday – Friday (after 6.00 pm) and Saturdays
Teaching materials: Benjawan Poomsan Becker books, Thai- an Essential Grammar by David Smyth and Effective tailor-made Thai lessons and exercises for each student with different Thai language levels.

Sa-wàt-dii khráp, my name is Sumet, an Experienced Native Thai Teacher. I have been teaching Thai to foreigners since 2010, starting from Australia and now in Bangkok, Thailand. I am a qualified Thai teacher with a teaching certificate of Thai teaching to foreigners from TPA of Thailand.

I can teach Thai language in all communication skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) from basic to advanced levels.

You can ensure that you will be able to correctly and properly use Thai language with confidence after learning Thai with me. I have an experience in both theoretical and practical ways in teaching Thai to foreigners, and I always love my Thai classes being fun and effective. Let’s learn Thai language with me and communicate well like a Thai!!

Also teaches on location: Go to Thai Teachers

Thai Teacher: Tanya
Website: Hello Learn Thai
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Times: 24/7 (UCT+07:00 Bangkok Time Zone)
Payment method: Paypal or credit card
Teaching materials: Self published materials to suit the students needs.

We offer a wide range of Thai language courses from beginner to advanced. We offer 1-on-1 live online Thai lessons through Skype at the right level for students, no matter how much or little Thai the student knows. Even if students have never learned Thai before, the courses will enable them to communicate effectively in the Thai language.

Also teaches on location in Bangkok: Go to Thai Teachers

Thai Teacher: Tip (Sarintip)
Email: magicthai@gmail.com
Phone: 087-8101880
Website: Magic Thai
Location: Bangkok (all locations)
Times: 6am – 11pm
Teaching materials: Tailored to each student

I have tons of my own teaching materials, developed by me, which will help to improve learning Thai. I have compiled my teaching material from children’s text books, exercise books, vocabulary lists, clippings from magazines, newspapers, flash cards, advertising signs, just anything which has popped up according to the needs of my students or much that I’ve seen and heard which would benefit my students–I use it all to create a comprehensive learning environment to make living in Thailand easier for my students. Actually, I have boxes of teaching material and books which I tell everybody at home “Do not give this to the recycling man by mistake!”

Also teaches on location: Go to Thai Teachers

Thai Teacher: Titcha Kedsri
Email: kedsri@gmail.com
Phone: 1(347)280-6205
Website: Practical Thai
Location: New York, US
Teaching materials: Benjawan Poomsam Becker’s Thai for Beginners and David
Smyth’s Thai: An Essential Grammar

Also teaches on location: Go to Thai Teachers

Thai Teacher: Teacher Wee
Website: Learn Thai With Kruu Wee
YouTube: Learn Thai with Teacher Wee
Location: Thailand
Times: Monday – Sunday (flexible)
Payment method: Paypal
Teaching materials: I use documents and books that I made myself.

Teaching style information: I have been teaching Thai as a foreign language for nine years, ever since I was a Thai language major at Thammasat University. I focus on what students “want” to know and “need” to learn, that depends on their “purpose” of learning, like for relationships, business or just for traveling as tourists. I believe that understanding Thai culture and how Thai people think are the foundations of learning Thai. I like to teach using a simple, fun, but systematic method. I teach students how to speak like Thais. I use less English as the students advance. For reading, I use a “short cut” system to enable students to read Thai as soon as possible.

Thai Teacher: Ung
Email: khunkrooung@gmail.com
Phone: +66 84-897-5522
Times: As agreed
Payment Method: PayPal / Bank Transfer
Teaching materials: HighSpeedThai and my own material that suit student’s need.

  • Suitable for students who seriously aim to read Thai, cross over just simple conversation and use this quality to enhance your self-study and real local experience.
  • Always interesting and exciting.
  • Flexible schedule and payment.
  • Risk free payment scheme and money back guarantee option.

I also provide language consultancy to anyone who self-studies and needs a Thai native to practice with, test, give pronunciation assessment, or clarify specific questions.

Thai Teacher: Watcharee Suebkhajorn (Lukkae)
Email: watchareeseubkhajorn@gmail.com
Phone: +66806611434
Location: Thailand
Times: Monday-Friday (08:00-15:00 and after 18:00) Saturday-Sunday (11:00-13:00 and after 16:00)
Teaching materials: Tailor-made base on each student’s level and summarize after class. Voice record for listening skill. Any as preferable.
Skype: wsuebkhajorn

I have over five years of experience which has made my teaching style unique!

Thai Teacher: Yuki Tachaya
Email: yuki.tachaya@pickup-thai.com
Website: Pick Up Thai
YouTube: pickupthai
Twitter: @PickupThai
Location: Los Angeles & Bangkok
Times: Monday-Sunday, 6am-Midnight
Payment method: Paypal/Bank transfer
Teaching material: Please look at my website for more details

Sawàddee kâ, everyone! My name is Tachaya. I am a native Thai speaker (grew up in Bangkok, Thailand) who speaks with standard Thai accent. Moreover, I am a professional Thai teacher with more than 4 years of experience in teaching Thai as a second language. Currently, I teach Thai full-time! So, as a student, you are my first priority.

I currently give classes via Skype for $20 per hour. Wherever you are in the world, you can connect to take a live online private class with me! It is very convenient and helps you save a lot of time and money :)

My lessons are customized for each individual student. You do not need to follow any already-made lesson plan. Your class will be unique, not like any other students’. You can design your own lessons, choose your own learning materials and your own pace of study, together with me. Everything is very flexible, so I make sure that your lessons really help you reach your goals and work the best for you. Check out my website for more information. Hope to hear from you soon :)

Also teaches on location: Go to Thai Teachers

Thai schools using Skype…

Thai Language school: High Impact Academy
Skype: Thai Skype Teachers
Location: 99/7 Loa Nadi road Tombon Ni Muang Amphur Muang Khon Kaen 40000
Times: 10:00a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Monday – Sunday (Bangkok Time +7 GMT ICT Time Zone)
Payment method: Cash payment or direct debit
Teaching materials: Benjawan Poomsan Becker books Paiboon Publishing and Speaking Thai by Dhiraphol Polsawasdi

High Impact Academy is a licensed language academy that teaches 10 different languages. All of our courses are taught by qualified native speaking teachers. We have a large team of teachers, so you can choose to change your teacher at any time, no questions asked!
We offer 10, 20, 40 hour and 90 hour Thai courses for all levels. All course materials are supplied by HIA and are inclusive of the course fees. The courses can be either, listening and speaking, reading and writing, or all four skills. All students receive a certificate of completion upon completion of each course.

To find out more information or apply for a course, we can be contacted via email:hia_khonakaen@hotmail.com or via phone +66 85 000 3717, or Skype: highimpactacademy.

HIA guarantees results or we will repeat the course free.Testimonials with contact details available upon request

Thai Language school: Let`s Study Thai.com
Location: Thailand
Times available: 8:00 – 23:00 Thailand Time ( Every day )
Payment: PayPal
Teaching materials: Original Thai lesson materials (provided in PDF), white board (for reading and writing Thai characters), tailor-made materials, general Thai textbooks, CDs, songs, etc.

Let`s Study Thai.com is an affordable one-on-one online Thai language classroom with rate starts from $2.5 per 25 minutes. We are open from 8:00 to 23:00 (Thailand time) every day, and lessons may be reserved or cancelled until 1 hour before the start of the lesson.

Upon free registration, you will be able to try out two free trial lessons (totaling 50 minutes). Please make a free register for your free lessons.

Let`s Study Thai.com hires distinguished students and alumni from famous universities in Thailand. Of course, all instructors can conduct their lessons in English, so even beginners can take lessons at ease.

We prepare materials for a wide variety of skill levels. Using our original materials and general textbooks available in the market, we will ensure that you learn Thai efficiently through lessons including conversations designed to increase your vocabulary; role-playing conversations for everyday and business scenarios; and practice reading the Thai alphabets.

Thai Language school: Modulo Language School
Skype: Modulols
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Times: 10:00-21:00, Weekdays. 09:00-19:00, Weekends. (UTC +07:00)
Payment method: Bangkok Transfer, PayPal, Credit Card, Cash
Teaching materials: Custom Thai materials from Modulo Publishing, along with an assortment of PDF’s to accompany online learning.

Modulo Language School’s Thai teachers are both qualified and experienced, ensuring learners have an enjoyable and educational experience. They are experts of teaching Thai to non-native speakers, and are all also fluent in English.

The Modulo Thai materials were custom built by our team of Thai teachers using the most highly-regarded textbooks (and years of teaching experience) as a guide. We are able to provide learners who sign up either a PDF of the material.

Along with using Skype, we also offer distance learning services through ClickMeeting, which provides interactive tools and visual aids to help learning; it’s just like being in the classroom! Furthermore, we use high-quality lavaliere microphones and Full-HD webcams to deliver high quality audio and video.

Thai Language school: Study Thai Online
Location: Thailand
Times available: 02.00 GMT until 12.00 GMT
Payment: Paypal
Teaching materials: Virtual classroom with our own pre-prepared materials loaded in advance.

Patong Language School introduced online Thai lessons for students that couldn’t get to Thailand to study, or had previously studied at our school in Phuket and were heading home. We have since found quite a number of students enrolling from within Thailand that can’t find a language school or teacher near where they live. Some students on Phuket find it more convenient to study online than to attend classes at our school in Patong Beach. This may be for reasons of work schedule or not wanting to drive 30 minutes from Rawai to Patong.

The materials we use online are the same books we use in our classes at the school. This can either be books using phonetics to learn conversational Thai, or our reading and writing Thai series. All books are provided in pdf format so the student can print them or keep them on-screen (we recommend using the materials in the virtual classroom to avoid looking up and down all the time at a book). The webcam was set up to allow the student to see the teacher and blackboard in the classroom, trying to make the online experience as similar to the in-class experience as possible. This didn’t work too well, as many students’ cameras weren’t good enough to clearly read the blackboard, and both the teacher and student were constantly trying to find their place in the book in front of them, then returning to the screen. This led us to investigate other options, and we ultimately settled on the browser-based virtual classroom we use now. This is way beyond being a shared whiteboard; it is a truly interactive experience with both teacher and student being able to simultaneously manipulate pages and text on-screen. The classroom allows recording of the screen and sound, and lets us upload sound clips and videos for the students. Its limits presently seem to be our imaginations!

The teachers are the same experienced Thai teachers that work in Patong Language School day-in and day-out. They have received additional training to use the new technology and are all competent computer users. Being geographically separated can make learning online a very ‘dry’ experience, so our teachers are trained to keep the classes light and fun. We feel it is very important that learning Thai be enjoyable and not a chore. The teachers occupy small, comfortable glass offices to conduct the classes, as we have found this provides greater sound and video quality.

We knew at the outset that our system must be robust and reliable. To this end we use two internet connections from different providers running through a load balancing device. This means we don’t experience connection outages – unless someone disconnects Phuket from the rest of the world! We have four PC’s running Skype and the browsers needed to provide the classes, and they all share student data from a central server. So even if we lose a PC, the teacher can connect from another one right away with no loss of information or continuity. We’ve yet to encounter a student that can’t use Skype and a browser, so we’ll stick with this simple technology and stay away from proprietary software.

As with all the services offered by Patong Language School, we strive to make Study Thai Online a professional-standard service. Having a book in front of you and meeting a teacher on Skype is a very basic way to learn Thai – we aim to offer more than that and continually improve the online experience.

WLT: Guest Post: Study Thai Online via Skype

Thai Language school: Thai Language Hut
Location: Thailand
Time: 7am – 9pm 7 Days a week (Bangkok Time +7 GMT ICT Time Zone)
Payment method: Bank transfer or Paypal
Teaching materials: Paiboon Publishing

We interchange our classroom training with on-line training for busy students that are either travelling or intend to move to Thailand. This means you can start on-line and complete the training in a classroom or visa-versa or just mix and match as needed. We are very flexible. We have students using a combination of these techniques to fit their personal schedules.

We focus on creating an effective, simple problem free learning environment so we can focus on the training and not get too distracted by the technology or connection problems. We use only technology from Skype which is familiar to most people ie manageable and not too scary! + minimises connection issues ie not connecting to a third party for whiteboard or other supplementary technologies.

In this vein we offer the following:

  • 1 to 1 training only by Skype
  • Show a part of our screen using Skype
  • Use a combination of slides, flash cards, drawings on paper and exercises to support the standard exercises and learning in our course text book (Benjawan Poomsan Becker, Paiboon Publishing) – the student will have this book in front of them too!
  • We give away any slides or exercises developed for the student as pdfs at the end of the training.
  • We do not use separate white board systems, in our experience this diminishes the experience and does not enhance it (potential connection problems + new system to use).

Thai School: Thai Style Language Co. Ltd.
Thai Teachers: Over 500 trained teachers to choose from
Locations: Thailand, United Kingdom, USA and Singapore
YouTube Channel: LearnThaiStyle
Website: learnthaistyle.com
Times: All day everyday : Learn at a time to suit you
Payment method: Paypal, Debit / Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash
Teaching materials: Easy to follow written, audio and video learning materials developed by Head Teacher Kruu Jiab. You can also view some example materials online here.
Also teaches on location: Learn in person with any of our trained teachers freelance teachers. Start learning online, change teacher anytime and continue learning the same course where you left off with a different teacher in person.

Sà-wùd-dee Kâ, we support the worlds largest team of Thai language teachers.

To ensure you have everything you need to learn Thai effectively with our team of teachers we have developed modern learning materials that include easy to follow worksheets, audio and video; a complete solution to help you learn Thai with experienced local teachers.

Flexible private tuition can be arranged at a time & location to suit you. With lifetime access and learner support you can change teacher anytime, attend consistent lessons in different locations and learn for as long as you need at a time, location and pace to suit you.

Support your local freelance Thai teacher and pay them directly for their hard work. Read more on our website about how we can help you learn Thai and if you have any questions contact us anytime.

We look forward to teaching you about Thai language and culture!

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