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Review: PickupThai Podcast by Yuki and Miki

Pickup Thai Podcast

PickupThai Podcast…

PickupThai PodcastPickupThai Podcast teaches real Thai, not Faranged Thai. Throughout the lessons you’ll learn common sentence structures with particles and idioms that Thai people use in their daily lives (but almost never ever get mentioned in textbooks).

Learning these structures is the key to speaking real Thai – and you’ll do just that with audio files recorded in a relaxed, natural way of speaking.

At present there are two courses on offer at PickupThai Podcast, Sweet Green and Spicy Red. More will be added later. Sweet Green is for beginners to low intermediate students of Thai, and Spicy Red is for upper-intermediate and advanced learners.

Apart from using real Thai, another main selling point of PickupThai Podcast is the liberal use of humour throughout. I mean, who wouldn’t have a hoot studying Thai with sentences such as these?

Don’t fart in public again, OK?

You think your boyfriend looks like Brad Pitt?

My heater broke, so I went to Thailand.

To get a taste of Yuki’s humour, check out her free YouTube videos. Such fun!

Each course at PickupThai Podcast includes an audio file, two artistically designed pdfs (one with transliteration and one without), and a plain text file for those who want to use the materials elsewhere (such as Anki, BYKI, or LONGDO).

Important, instead of teaching vocabulary and phrases on their own, the materials focus on teaching words and phrases in context. And what I especially appreciate is the casual mix of L’s (ล) and R’s (ร). Often we are taught only to roll our R’s, which is just not common on the street.

Using male and female voices, the audio lessons are roughly 30-40 minutes long. The recordings are clear and personable; it’s almost like having Yuki and her sister Miki chatting away in your living room! And a plus, there is no invasive music or long talking intros in the sound files. I don’t know about you, but I get impatient with courses that add unnecessary time to lessons. Instead, the intros are short and sweet, moving on quickly to what you want to learn.

As each course progresses they get slightly more difficult after each lesson, with the difficulty level being quite significant between lessons 1 and 15. If you want to compare Sweet Green to Spicy Red, from the free downloads be sure to choose each from their difficulty level, such as Sweet Green 1 and Spicy Red 1, and/or Sweet Green 11 and Spicy Red 11. If you compare Sweet Green 1 to Spicy Red 11 the results will be skewed.

PickupThai Podcast: Sweet Green Pod…

Pickup Thai Podcast

As mentioned above, there are two pdfs for Sweet Green. One with just Thai script and English and the other with transliteration and English.

The plain text file has Thai script and English, but no transliteration. NOTE: The plain text files are not carbon copies of the pdf files (sometimes there are parts missing).

Each course comes in two parts: The main conversation lessons teaching patterns and vocabulary, and a question and answer section using the patterns taught in the first lessons but with different phrases and vocabulary.

Conversation sections: First you are given the conversations at normal speed, followed by a slower speed, then the vocabulary used in the lesson. And finally, the conversation with English translations.

Question and answer sections: Using a ‘graduated-interval recall’ method similar to Pimsleur’s, the question and answer section is the power of the courses at PickupThai Podcast. A complete phrase is spoken, then broken down into smaller parts, each with their English translation. After, you are prodded to respond to Yuki’s “how do you say…”.

Each sentence pattern has four sentences using the same pattern. To keep it fun, humour is sprinkled around. Sweet Green’s sentence patterns and interactive “how do you say…” questions geared to draw out a response are a simple, yet robust way to get Thai into your head.

PickupThai Podcast: Spicy Red Pod…

Pickup Thai Podcast

As with Sweet Green there are two pdfs for Spicy Red. The Thai script pdf has English in the Vocabulary and Sentences and Translations sections only. The other pdf is the same, but with transliteration instead of Thai script.

The plain text files come with Thai script (no transliteration). The plain text files sometimes have the English translations along with the vocabulary, sometimes not.

The lessons in Spicy Red are conversation heavy, making them significantly more challenging than Sweet Green. Except for the vocabulary section that has English translations, the crutch of English in the audio files is noticeably absent. These lessons are perfect for those who want to practice listening to Thai without the overly invasive English found in many Thai lessons.

In Sweet Green each lesson covers one conversation, but in Spicy Red there are two longer conversations, each with sentence patterns similar to Sweet Green. Leading is a conversation for the first half of the storyline, then the vocabulary used, followed by a series of question sentences and true or false questions, ending with the sentences and their English translations. The second part of the lesson repeats the process with a conversation that continues the storyline.

PickupThai Podcast: Sweet Green and Spicy Red…

Pickup Thai Podcast

To cover practical situations you’ll find in real life, PickupThai Podcast teaches real Thai from as many angles as possible. In Sweet Green there are stories of a mother talking to a daughter, two strangers talking to each other, a sister talking to a brother, friends talking to each other, etc. Sweet Green focuses on daily life situations such as getting a taxi, buying food, eating out, making a phone call, going to the movies, and more. The advanced Spicy Red course concentrates on the more complicated life situations you’ll find yourself in. To see each course in detail, go to this page on PickupThai Podcast.

Now that I’ve touched on the basics, why not see for yourself? Go ahead and take advantage of Yuki’s four FREE lessons at PickupThai Podcast’s store (Sweet Green and Spicy Red 1 and 11).

Yuki and Miki, PickupThai Podcast
Website: PickUpThai Podcast | Youtube: Yuki Tachaya | twitter: @PickupThai

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Jonas Anderson’s Tongue-twister: กวางขาวอยู่กลางเขา


Jonas’s Tongue-twister: กวางขาวอยู่กลางเขา…

Jonas Anderson’s new song, กวางขาวอยู่กลางเขา, is a hilarious hit. The lyrics tell a story about a western English teacher who falls in love with a Thai lass and asks her to check his Thai. And what Thai it is! The song is a mix of tongue-twisters and nonsense verse, and in places, sung at high-speed.

Note: For this song I won’t add transliteration – there’s enough distraction as is. Those who prefer transliteration can just drag the Thai script into Thai2English.com.

Lyrics and English translation: กวางขาวอยู่กลางเขา…

คนน่ารักเขาว่ามักจะใจดี จะมีเวลาให้พี่คนนี้สักนิดไหม อยากจะรบกวน ชวนมาทำอะไร ที่พี่ยังสงสัยอยู่ตั้งนาน

Nice people are said to be kind hearted. Would you have a little time for me? Can I bother you with a request to do something that has confused me for a long time?

อยากสบตา อยากเห็นหน้า อยากศึกษาภาษาใจ อยากให้เธอ มาเป็นครู อยากจะรู้พูดแบบนี้ ถูกต้องไหม

I’d like to meet your eyes, see your face and study your heart language. I want you to be my teacher. I want to know if I am saying this right…

กวางขาว อยู่กลางเขา ไปกลางเขา กวางขาวเดินมา ยายกินน้ำลำใย น้ำลายยาย ไหลย้อยรดย่า

The white deer lives in the middle of the mountains. I walked there and the deer walked towards me.

ยะลา มาระยอง แล้วขึ้นล่อง ระหว่าง ระยอง ยะลา

I travelled from Yala to Rayong and went up and down between the two provinces.

ยายกินน้ำลำใย น้ำลายยาย ไหลย้อยรดย่า

Grandma (mom’s mom) is drinking lamyai juice and her drool is dripping on another grandma (dad’s mom).

กล้วยตานีปลายหวีเหี่ยว เหลือหวีเดียวหิ้วห­วีเหี่ยวไปหิ้วหวีเหี่ยวมา

Grandpa’s bunch of Nee bananas is withering. There is only one withered bunch left that he is carrying here and there.

Jonas: The following parts are a bit nonsensical since the main point is just putting words together that are similar yet different to make it easy to trip over them.


Had gourd stir-fry in the morning.


Had stir-fried gourd in the evening.

Vegetable stir-fry with white gourd.

The green bowl on the right is overturned in the morning.

ควานคลำ ชามขาว
The white bowl is overturned in the evening. Groping about for the white bowl.

Yuki: ฟาด is an impolite term for “to eat”. And the guy had the same thing both in the morning and in the evening but used two different ways to express the same dish :D

Are you up for the challenge?…

If you do take up the challenge, after uploading your video to YouTube, please post the link in Jonas’ Facebook page: Jonas Thailand.

Hugh and I would like to thank Jonas for his help and permission, and Yuki (Pick up Thai) for assisting with the translations. You guys are great!

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