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Thai 101

What to do for serious Thai?…

There are only a few Thai language learning blogs around and Rikker’s Thai 101 is the tops.

About Rikker and Thai 101: I consider myself a perpetual student of Thai. And by “Thai” I mean everything Thai. I’ve been studying the language since 2002, and I’ve lived in Thailand for 33 months out of those five years… The longer I’m here, the more I realize that there is a staggering amount I don’t know about what we might term the Thai Experience–all those little things folks know that make a person a well-rounded, culturally literate member of Thai society. No two ways about it, I’m still a beginner. Hence the name of the blog.

Recently Rikker revved up his Word of the Day. Follow along via his blog, or twitter, or both.

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My passion is promoting the Thai language. Fullstop. Oh, and traveling. I'm passionate about that as well. And photography too.

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  1. Cat and there I am wondering where you have been? Great link thanks.

  2. Hi Mike. I just got back from laying around all week on a very small Thai island. So small, the name escapes me!

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