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Thai Bumper Stickers: Four


fan mâi yòo maa hăa nŏo ná
If your girlfriend is away, come see me.


ruam gan rao yòo tíng goo meung dtaai
Together we’ll survive. But if you leave me, you die.

And here’s an added treat. A special note about Thai stickers, from my Thai friend Mira:

Away from home I missed reading Thai stickers. They are derived from chalk writing on the side of trucks. They’ve turned into stickers and still express the same fun comments and Thai sense of humor.

I use to sit in the back seat of my dad’s car driving to Songkhla from Bangkok. (It was a 9-14 hour trip.) The whole trip I would search for chalk writings on the “sib-lor”, or ten wheeler.

Sib lor is a new word for me, so I looked it up at thai2english.com

รถสิบล้อ | rót sìp lór
[ N ] ten – wheeled truck; ten wheeler; truck

รถ | rót | car

สิบ | sìp | ten

ล้อ | lór | wheel

Now, thanks to Mira, I have a better window into Thai stickers.

The Thai Bumper Sticker series: Thai Bumper Stickers 1, Thai Bumper Stickers 2, Thai Bumper Stickers 3, Thai Bumper Stickers 4, and Stickers on Taxis.

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  1. Great site, I am a soon to be xpat..in the midst of learning thai.. yak gern pbai!! This is helpful, keep up the good work!

  2. Excellent that you are learning Thai! It’s a long road but worth all the work…

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