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What we’ve all been waiting for…

Thai2English is designed for anyone interested in translating, reading, understanding, speaking, learning or typing in Thai, from beginners to experienced learners.

And if you like using thai2english.com online (as I do), you are going to just LOVE having it available on your computer.

A taste of the Thai2english dictionary download…

  • Dictionary: Thai to English, English to Thai dictionary with over 110,000 Thai entries and 90,000 English. Sample sentences in both Thai and English.
  • Search: Search in English, Thai script, or any form of transliterated Thai. Wildcard or regular expression searches supported.
  • Transliteration: Converts Thai script to romanised transliteration (including tone marks). Choice of transliteration styles.
  • Translation: Recognises common sentence structures. Gives much more than individual word-by-word translation.
  • Typing in Thai: Converts transliterated Thai to Thai script without the need of a Thai keyboard.
  • Thai Grammar and Reference: Explanations and examples of Thai grammar.
  • Reading Thai: Step-by-step guide to reading Thai script and tone rules.

Thai-English Dictionary: Download

Thanks Mike!

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  1. Hey Cat, I just wanted to say I ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH YOU! That’s one of the latest English phrases my Thai friend Niwat has learned. When we chat online, the Thai-English site has saved my bacon many times; it allows you to look up entire phrases and translates them in seconds. I have unabashedly used the ‘cut and paste’ feature, so I look like a pro when I’m chatting! It is also an easy way to immerse yourself in Thai and you know what, some of it even sticks!Thanks for letting me know the dictionary is available for downloading on my laptop, and a special Khap Khun Kaa to Thai2English.com!

  2. Hey Lynn! Hah! Good for you and Niwat. Thai2english.com has also made my life here on WLT easier too, what with the understandable transliteration and all.

  3. the thai2english web are not accessible..anybody know why?
    it says “Access denied for user ‘thai2eng’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)” does anybody know why??

  4. foe – it happens. Just keep trying and it’ll come back up.

  5. Did the commercial PC version of this get discontinued for some reason? All the download links are dead.

  6. Rick, it hasn’t been updated in a good long time but if you contact Mike (T2E) he might be able to help you.

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