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The Charity Cat Party: A Success!

Cat's Charity Cat Party

Did you make it to the Charity Cat Party?…

I wasn’t in town for @freakingcat’s wonderful Charity Cat Party but I didn’t miss out. I watched the concert online via ustream.tv.

What talent! A huge round of applause goes to @freakingcat for arranging the party and to the fabulous performers: Trisdee, Somtow, Siam Sinfionetta and Paye.

If you missed the Charity Cat Party you can catch up via Facebook or YouTube:

Facebook: Charity Cat Party video
Facebook: Charity Cat Party photos
YouTube: Cat Charity Party with Trisdee, Somtow, Siam Sinfionetta and Paye

As mentioned in the invite post, donations collected at the Charity Cat Party went to support my favourite all-time Thai charity, the SET Foundation. Also included were the deserving soi dog and cat charity, SCAD Bangkok (website now taken over by smut – go figure).

But if you weren’t able to donate at the party, it’s not too late. You can still go direct to your charity of choice.

The SET Foundation…

It’s no secret that the recent floods in Thailand hit already struggling Thai students hard. So please consider sending a donation to the SET Foundation this holiday. To see how little it takes, read through the itemized list at What does it cost to make the difference?

My Xmas donation went straight to the SET Foundation, as does all revenue from WLT. That’s right, it might look like I have paying ads in my sidebar but it isn’t technically so.

Benjawan and Chris (Paiboon Publishing), Achim and Busakorn (L-lingo), Jay and Jo (Learn Thai Podcast), all donate direct to the SET Foundation. Readers of WLT donate to the SET Foundation too. And I’m proud they do. Thanks all!

The SET Foundation on WLT…

The SET Foundation: A Season for Giving Back
Inciting Acts of Kindness: The SET Foundation
Feel Like Donating? Give to the SET Foundation Instead

Ho ho ho everyone! Happy holiday and I’ll see you next year :-)

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1 Comment

  1. I’ve been chatting with Peter about his scholarships and in one email he came back with the below:

    Thank you for that very nice write-up about SET.  It’s very encouraging for me personally that people do appreciate what SET/I try to do.  I was paying scholarships at a school today and one of the students gave a ‘thank you’ speech in English, which he had written himself. Partway through he said:
    “We are all gathered here again and there is Mr Peter sitting on the sofa. Sometimes we wonder who he is and what he is doing here. I mean, why does he need to do this and what will he get from doing this? We haven’t got an answer but we know we will never meet anybody who dedicates himself as much as he does. But we don’t need an answer. It’s like when you fall in love with someone. You don’t need to know why you love him or her. It’s the same in this case. We love him, he is our Santa Clause”.
    Wasn’t that sweet?
    Enjoy your holiday!

    And happy holidays to you too Peter :-)

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