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The Farang Thai Song (aka The 5552)!

The Farang Thai Song

The Farang Thai Song (aka The 5552)!…

Back in March there was that really cute YouTube video by Maggie Rosenberg, I Don’t Speak Thai But I Try. And now we have the pleasure of … [drum roll] … The Farang Thai Song, by Shimona Kee.

From Shimona: “Missing Thailand. SO. I wrote a song about learning to SPEAK THAI!”

What talent! Wasn’t that great?

Thai vocabulary…

In order of appearance, here’s the Thai vocabulary from the lyrics:

spicy: เผ็ด /pèt/
cannot: ไม่ได้ /mâi dâai/
how much: เท่าไหร่ /tâo rài/
expensive: แพง /paeng/
reduce: ลด /lót/
can?: ได้ไหม /dâai măi/
it’s ok: ไม่เป็นไร /mâi bpen rai/
one: หนึ่ง /nèung/
two: สอง /sŏng/
three: สาม /săam/
four: สี่ /sèe/
five: ห้า /hâa/
take it easy: ใจเย็นเย็น /jai yen yen/
speak: พูด /pôot/
Thai: ไทย /tai/
little bit: นิดหน่อย /nít nòi/
no: ไม่ /mâi/
understand: เข้าใจ /kâo jai/
be happy: สบาย /sà-baai/
eat: กินข้าว /gin kâao/
or: หรือ /rĕu/
still, yet: ยัง /yang/
fun: สนุก /sà-nùk/
what: อะไร /a-rai/
why: ทำไม /tam-mai/
toilet: ห้องน้ำ /hông náam/
where is: ที่ไหน /têe năi/

Were you wondering why it’s called “The Farang Thai Song (aka The 5552)?” Well, 555 in Thai (ห้า ห้า ห้า) is /hâa hâa hâa/. And 2 in Thai (สอง), is pronounced /sŏng/, making it the “Ha Ha Ha Song”. Clever.

Shimona Kee on the internet…

The sweet Shimona can be found online at the following locations:

YouTube Channel: simplyshimona
Twitter: @simplyshimona
Facebook: shimonakee

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  1. Love love love her voice, I was smiling the whole time watching her VDO.

    Learn Thai through music is a great fun and amazingly effective.

    How to remember 20 Thai words with “ใ”

  2. Very cute. She has a wonderful voice.

  3. That had me laughing out loud with delight!

  4. Isn’t it the cutest?

    It took me a bit to get the 5552 – I thought the 2 was a typo (my bad :-)

    Btw: I’ve finally added the Thai vocabulary (English, Thai script and transliteration) to the lyrics. The lyrics (English and karaoke) can be found underneath her video on YouTube.

  5. Catherine – I viewed the song on a mobile and yes it’s cute and 5552 is a great play on words and numbers but….

    The singing and lip movement on the video seemed to be out of sync.. or was it my mobile phone?

  6. Hi Martyn (lovely hat ;-) I didn’t notice it being out of sync. I’ll check it out later to be sure (the man is getting some shuteye at the moment).

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