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The Nation Weblog: Of Things Thai: Happy National Mother’s Day

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Last month I posted about Khun Krajog’s Brush Up You Thai series on The Nation Weblog (no longer online). Well, Khun Krajog also blogs about Thai culture under the heading Of Things Thai.

His two latests posts deal with Thailand’s National Mother’s Day: National Mother Day (no longer online) and August 12 Mother Day Special: A tribute to Mother of the Land (no longer online). And as tomorrow is National Mother’s Day here in Thailand, what better way to learn about the celebration than from a Thai who is generously sharing the ways of his country?

UPDATE: GOODBYE to all my blog readers.

I just have received an email from The Nation weblog admin asking me to delete all my entries under an order from the president of The Nation, no other reasons given.

So I would like to say goodbye to you all who regularly read my two blogs, Free Speech Forum and Free Expression on various subjects.

This is just so sad to see. I enjoyed reading Khun Krajog’s posts about the Thai language and culture and I’m stumped to figure out what The Nation could object to. Just check out the subjects he penned on Of Things Thai:

  • Part 1: Buddhism, Language, Traditions etc.
  • Part 2: Buddhism, Language, Traditions, etc.
  • Part 3: Traditions, Social Customs and Etiquette
  • Part 4: Senses of Humility and Modesty in Buddhism
  • Part 5: Marriage in Thai Buddhism, Language and Tradition, etc.
  • Part 6: Marriage, Language and Tradition, etc.
  • Part 7: Buddhism and Contradictory Practices in Thai Society
  • Part 8: Buddhism and Contradictory Practices in Thai Society
  • Part 9: Buddhism and its Law on Causes and Effects
  • Part 10: Buddhism and its Law on Causes and Effects
  • Part 11: (final): Buddhism and its Law on Causes and Effects
  • Buddhism and Thai Tradition of respect
  • National Mother Day

Khun Krajog, I hope you’ve found a new home for your posts.

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  1. Definitely a wealth of information he has there Cat but I can’t seem to find anything on the linguistic approach of expatriate women learning Thai in Thailand who formerly spoke the language of Moo…I think a gap needs filling :)

  2. Hah! Well, that took me longer to figure out than it should have (and I’m going to be laughing for quite awhile! :-D

  3. Catherine I had a read of a couple of Khun Krajog’s articles and the one on National Mother Day was truly moving. His account of his mother’s death at the age of 50 from cancer of the liver was very touching but at the same time very sad.

    I read one of the Buddhist articles as well but it is a subject I struggle to understand and get my head round. A little bit like learning Thai. Buddhism and the Thai language are two fronts I really must put a lot more effort into. Best wishes.

  4. Martyn, I too have tried to understand Buddhism. Especially as I thought it might be the one belief that I could follow (a way of life over a religious slant). But so far, I have not found a version that my head can get around. I’ll keep looking…

  5. It’s so very sad that The Nation made him delete all his posts. Grrrrr….

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