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Total Cuteness: Learning the Thai Alphabet on YouTube

Learning the Thai Alphabet on YouTube

Kids learning the Thai Alphabet on YouTube…

Clicking around YouTube, I came across new videos of Thai children practicing the Thai alphabet. The video below was so precious, I contacted Natcha to get permission to feature her daughter.

And if that didn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

More YouTube sweeties learning the Thai alphabet…

Learning the Thai alphabet can be frustrating for children as well as adults. As adults, we don’t express ourselves in the same way as children do. Ok, I fess up… at least not when I have an audience. Or rather, too big of an audience!

So if you are frustrated and in need of motivation to continue your studies of the Thai alphabet, go ahead and click on any of the links below. They are totally fabulous.

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  1. Cat, so adorable!!!

    I had seen a few of these before and hopefully I can do as well at this soon…if I get it down I’ll make a video too :P

  2. Talen, I’ll be looking forward to that video :-D

  3. Catherine the girl is cute and she looks like she’s a ball of fun too.

    I watched the cuteball video and something immediately hit home.

    Natcha’s daughter being so young over emphasises each word and tone. Listen again and correct me if I’m wrong but there’s no lazy speech, dropped word endings etc.

    What a wonderful video for learning the alphabet. Well done Catherine.

  4. Martyn, she is so very sweet to watch :-) And if you go through the videos below hers, you’ll often notice that some of the kids lose patience towards the end of the alphabet (my sympathies!) Yet all through, (mistakes or no), each parent patiently guides them to the finish line.

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