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Top 100 Language Lovers of 2015

Just like last year’s Language Lovers Competition, this year fabulous sponsors supporting the Thai industry have again donated products. Thanks all!

PickupThai Podcast (24th-29th May): SIX winners will get subscriptions to the new Creamy Coconut course for beginners (One winner – all 30 lessons. Two winners – 15 lessons. Three winners – 10 lessons).

Duke Language School (31st May-5th June): TWO 60 hour Journey One group lessons with course books. This is not a taster, the winners go straight through the course to the end.

Bingo-Lingo (7th-12th June): FOUR copies of Bingo’s detailed book and CD, Read Thai in 10 Days.

Learn Thai Style (14th-19th June): FOUR Speak Thai Course winners (includes a pre-release version of Speak Thai Course with Thai script only – no transliteration) will receive a lifetime access to over 40 hours of audio and video materials, over 300 worksheets (with or without transliteration), online quizzes, self study materials, learn Thai blog access, as well as access to over 700 trained teachers (UK, USA, Singapore, Thailand and Skype).

Learn Thai from a White Guy (21st-26th June): TWO courses of Learn to Read Thai in 2 Weeks and TWO courses of The Need to Know Sentence Pack.

Learn Thai Podcast (5th-10th July): THREE subscriptions to learn to speak, read, write Thai via LTP’s massive Thai course that has over 800 video, audio and text lessons.

Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand (12th-17th July): FOUR EACH of the newly updated Talking Thai-Eng-Thai Dictionary apps (your choice of iOS or Android).

Giveaway Rules:

  1. Leave as many relevant comments as you like (with a stress on ‘relevant’).
  2. Comment on as many of the giveaways as you want (there is no limit on how many prizes you can win).
  3. Claim your prize before the week is out (unclaimed prizes will go to the next in line).

Each post will go live on Tuesdays at 7.30am Thai time and will close out on Sundays at 6pm Thai time.

Note: Those donating will be responsible for choosing the winners so even if you are my buddy you too can win!

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My passion is promoting the Thai language. Fullstop. Oh, and traveling. I'm passionate about that as well. And photography too.

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  1. Done :) Amazing page too haha :)

  2. Thanks Norman :)

  3. Voted yesterday. Guess who for? lol. As usual, streaks ahead of the competition.

    So, it is that time again. The year has gone so fast and I have again made so little progress with my Thai. It is just so easy to get distracted by the demands of life. So many of your posts, are among the many motivation @ss-kicking moments I get throughout the year to get me back studying, even if it is as little as an hour or two interested in whatever your post was about, or longer by inspiring me to pull a book off the shelf, or listen to a podcast, or whatever. I love your 7 week giveaways, and have been lucky in the past. You have some great prizes again this year and please give my thanks to all those donating. I have many of their offerings already in my collection and they are all great! One (or is that two?) of the ones listed that don’t have, that I have heard so much about, is Brett’s LtRTi2w book offering therefore I will be trying for the “Learn Thai from a White Guy (21st-26th June): TWO courses of Learn to Read Thai in 2 Weeks and TWO courses of The Need to Know Sentence Pack”. But tell me, Brett promotes this on his web page as a great pairing so if I want to try and win both the book & the “follow up” sentence pack is that possible? Is this a two winners/two packages, or a four winners/one random (EITHER book OR sentence pack) prize for each of the four winners? Fingers will be crossed that week, my four leaf clover will be at the ready, and a special space will have been dusted on my bookshelf ready for Brett’s book to be placed there exactly two weeks after having hopefully won it and worked through it cover to cover. Thanks again, not just for the 7-week giveaways, but to you and all donating for all your work throughout the year(s) providing all the great posts, references, links, and lessons.

  4. Hi Gordon, welcome back!

    “…if I want to try and win both the book & the “follow up” sentence pack is that possible? Is this a two winners/two packages, or a four winners/one random (EITHER book OR sentence pack) prize for each of the four winners?”

    It’s my understanding that there will be four winners. But as the comments grow, it’s very possible that Brett could throw in more (it happens). In the meantime I’ll put this to him to get a solid response.

    Thank you for your kudos. I seriously love giving stuff away :)

  5. LOL, maybe not as much as we love receiving it! ^_^

  6. Hah! Understood. Winning stuff can be a high :)

  7. Btw, what happened to the “tick box” to be alerted of replies to comments on a thread? There are no alerts now so I did not know you had replied until I came back to check the thread again. I liked the alerts.

  8. Well caught … The plugin crashed my site and I spent all my time sourcing the problem and freaking out but none getting a replacement. I’ll see to it tomorrow (thanks for the reminder).

  9. I’d say “you are welcome” but I wasn’t alerted that you replied! 555

  10. Gordon, if it makes you feel any better, ‘I’ am getting alerts :D

    I have a friend over this morning and after that I’ll check out the plugin issue. Promise!

  11. Cat, the updated comment alert checkbox is now displayed and works, however it is just a tiny checkbox and has no text beside it to tell peeps what it does as it previously did. You are only half way done! Lol. Get the text added alongside the checkbox. Don’t worry, the Xmas break is only 6 months away so you can rest then! Lol

  12. Ah. Darn. I’ll have to look at it later this weekend (must be in the plugin settings). Thanks for letting me know :)

  13. Ok, Gordon … I’ve had to resort to Jetpack for improved comments. I was reluctant to add such a bloated plugin (and one version crashed my site before, causing weeks of work) but someone mentioned that I could turn everything else off … so, here you go. Thank you for being patient with me :)

  14. Dear Catherine,

    Thank you again for your website and all the links. It was from your website that I learned about Khatzumoto and the All Japanese All the Time site which has really pushed my Thai studies forward. I now listen to or read lots of Thai everyday. I have also taken Khatzumoto’s encouragement to use full sentences in my spaced repetition system (which, by the way, is still thousands of flash cards on regular paper in 2 plastic boxes separated into 8 sections i.e. a “Lietner Box”). It is with this sentence-emphasis that I am quite excited about this week’s prize from the Learn Thai from a White Guy site (which I have also learned about from your site), specifically “The Need to Know Sentence Pack” which, I think, is just what I need in my studies as it emphasizes spoken language (which is my weak point).

    I’m not sure I understand the contest — Do we post here? or on the sponsor’s sites? or elsewhere? It is mentioned that a winner needs to pick up their prize in a weeks time … from where?

    Sorry I am new to posting on sites (I don’t think I have ever done it before in any language).

    I wish I could comment on the current subject of Jetpacks, and tick-boxes, and plug-ins but I don’t understand it all :(

    So, once again thank you Catherine for your site and the links and thank you to the sponsors for their skill and generosity and apologies for my slowness to understand it all.

    Ian H.

  15. Ian, welcome to WLT and thank you for your kind words :) To enter the contests in this competition you need to leave comments under the post of the prize you are going for. For instance, here’s the link to Brett’s WLT’s 2016 Thai Language Giveaway: Learn Thai from a White Guy.

    Good luck!

  16. Hi Cat. Two boxes with text now there. One notify for new posts & one notify for new comments. For info, when I added my RTi2W thanks comment it told me that the “form is not secure. Are you sure you want to proceed?” which I never used to get with the old plug-in tickbox. It looks scary to users. 😮💀

  17. Sorry, actual alert reads “This form is not secure. Are you sure you want to submit it?”

  18. Weird, I’ll need to look into it. It’s Jetpack, one of the most popular out there, so shouldn’t be a problem. Now back to googling (after I wake up) Ta Gordon!

  19. No hurry to wake up Cat. It is another sun & thunderstorm kinda day so you might as well wait until you hear the downpour stop before rising.

  20. Gordon, what browser are you using? I’m going to report the problem to Jetpack (no rain in Chiang mai so no need to wait too log :)

  21. On my iPhone 6 so IOS.

    One other thing that is different is yhat the checkboxes are there all the time whereas previousy once you were subscibed (ie had ticked one or both boxes) the next time you were on that page there were no boxes offered as you were already sibscribed. Now you question repeating the option in case you were/are not subscribed.

  22. I turned a bunch of things off (sneaky Jetpack turned them on behind my back). So when you next comment please let me know, ok?

  23. Boxes still there but warning gone. :-)

  24. Excellent! Gordon, thank you for helping me get this fixed :)

  25. No problem. You are welcome. Nice to be able to give you something back.

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