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WINNERS: Learn Thai Podcast

WLTs Thai Language Giveaway

WINNERS to WLT’s FIFTH week of the Thai Language Giveaway…

Here we are giving away prizes for the FIFTH week of the WLT’s seven weeks of Thai Language Giveaways!

As Joy and Jay had a difficult time choosing between so many well-thought-out comments, eight favourites were put through the handy Random Name Picker.

Here are the winners: Aleishea, Bernard Le Du, Steve, Dafydd.

From Jo and Jay: We hope our course helps you to learn Thai more quickly and easily. Enjoy the course and thank you Cat for running the best learn Thai blog out there!

WLTs Thai Language GiveawayIf the winners would please send a message via my contact form, we’ll get your prizes sorted. Please note that if you do not contact me by next Wednesday, your prize will be given to the winner/s in waiting (already chosen).

I would like to thank Jo and Jay for sponsoring this giveaway with their wonderful product (Learn Thai Podcast should be in every Thai student’s arsenal). An additional thanks goes to Jay who come to the rescue right before the contest! What bad timing it was. WLT’s feedburner quit working and after weeks of tearing out my hair, Jay found the glitch that was muffing up the works. So a double thanks from me goes to LTP!

And as always, my thanks go to everyone who left comments. Please remember that even if you’ve already won, you are still eligible to keep on winning! Good luck everyone.

To get a complete list of the prizes and schedule, read the first post in the series, Please Vote THAI and WIN! 2015: Top 100 Language Lovers Competition.

WLTs 2015 Thai Language Giveaway…

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  1. Bernard Le Du

    June 24, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    Thank you Jo and Jay for this price. I have a good memory from my first attemp to use it, few years ago, even if I had at that time no much free time to go deep inside the course, and lost most of the files later. I will try to make the best with all these courses, vidéos and on site tools, but bites by bites, a little everyday. If I can manage with this timing, this goal, I think I can be a lot bettre in Thai than now. For speaking, I don’t know, but sure for listening, reading and writing it will help me.
    Thanks to Catherine for this so special seven weeks.

    BTW : what means “Bernard, you are in a roll” you used in a another post on FCLTL ?

  2. Congrats Bernard! In this case, “on a roll” is due to this being your second win during the seven weeks of prizes.

    As you know, we don’t limit how many prizes people can win. The choosing is external, making it easier to free up prizes.

    This is so people are not forced to go for one prize (waiting to comment on just that one).

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