When WLT first began I was the only one writing posts but soon enough Guest Writers came along to help.

Thai LanguageRikker Dockam shared his wonderful Thai 101 Learner Series. Then Hugh Leong started an inspiring series too, Thai Language Thai Culture. Tod Daniels came in later with his Reviews of Thai Language Schools in Bangkok followed by Tod’s Thai. And now we have Sean Harley’s series featuring the Thai Cat Cartoons and Andrew Biggs’ ongoing series Thai Memories.

WLT also has single, double, and triple post writers. The growing list is here: Guest Writers.

On WLT there’s a simple kudos system for writers. As they accrue posts they move up the list and when they reach five posts they get their own page.

Guest writers are a driving force of WLT; I owe a HUGE thanks to all. And if you too have knowledge to share, please contact me.

Before I start nattering on about myself, I want to point out that the Thai resources, teachers and schools linked from WLT come recommended (there are a few shady characters in the business of learning Thai that have been weeded out).

And now on to the nattering …

Expat making her way through Thai language and culture…

Tired babyI am not a teacher. I am not a fluent Thai speaker. In fact, I’m pretty caca at languages. Truthfully, my passion is finding, then sharing Thai learning resources.

But ok, maybe caca isn’t the word for it; I’m finding learning languages as an insomniac quite challenging.

Basically, my posts come from a student struggling with all things Thai language learning, with a bit of expat living thrown in.

And when I find something that works, or when I find something that might work, I share it here.

But similar to a baby bird, when it comes to language learning, sometimes I’ll yell ‘FEED ME!’. While other times I’m just too burnt out to care.

What I will do (do do), no matter what, is promote the Thai language. Full-stop.

If you need more about me, here it is: Interview by Lana of Serrated Edges and Expat Interviews: Professional Expatting Around Bangkok and Chicky Net Expat women interview with Catherine from Women Learning Thai.

Catherine Wentworth
A Woman Learning Thai …