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e-learning at Sriwittayapaknam

e-learning at Sriwittayapaknam

Fabulous FREE online Thai reading materials…

I’ve mentioned the Thai study materials found at e-learning at Sriwittayapaknam School (dekgeng.com) in forums, comments on WLT, and in the Learn Thai for FREE section. But it wasn’t until I sent the url to Josh that I noticed the lack of a dedicated post. And as it’s a fabulous resource for learning to read Thai, here you go.

You start out first by studying the Thai alphabet with Thai reading and Thai alphabet. Next up is the Thai alphabet test. After, you graduate to learning consonant and vowel combos, just like in a real Thai classroom. You’ll find those in Lesson one, Lesson two, Lesson three, and Lesson four.

The important part (IMHO) of this site is the ability to hear the sounds on command. It’s a simple, but effective way to learn your way around the Thai alphabet.

e-learning at Sriwittayapaknam

e-learning at Sriwittayapaknam

e-learning at Sriwittayapaknam

For more advanced students there are comprehension tests, maths, games and more. So as you can see, e-learning at Sriwittayapaknam is quite the useful resource for learning Thai.

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  1. Catherine, this will be a useful site once I ‘formally’ start learning my Thai A,B,C’s. Because I’m still illiterate, other than reading a little in context, it’s a difficult for me to navigate my way around…please don’t tell me there is an ‘English’ button staring me in the face :(

  2. Cat, great resource that will undoubtedly come in handy in my studies.

  3. Snap and Talen, this really is one of the top Thai learning resources available so I hope you both enjoy it as much as I have.

    Oh, and there is an English button :-D

  4. Take pity…I’ve only had three hours sleep! Where pray tell is the little blighter? Part of the website isn’t showing in my browser for some reason…perhaps it’s there?

  5. Snap, I’m afraid that they make only a teensy attempt at adding English on this page: http://www.dekgeng.com/thai/korkai.html

    If you want google translation, swing the url over to Chrome. Problem is… it’s not very good. Sorry :-(

    But the links are there (in my post) so just bookmark them?

  6. Josh Sager @ LTMS

    April 18, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    Thanks for this, Cat. Now I won’t have to bug you a third time for this link because I keep forgetting about it. :)

  7. Good deal Josh. And please let me know what your wife thinks of the materials.

  8. why cant i access to the website?
    i can only see the homepage and when i click the resources, the page goes blank. does this happen to you guys?

  9. I can see it just fine. What browser are you using?

  10. i’m using internet explorer 8

  11. Hana, I’m not on a PC so if Chrome doesn’t work, use anything else but IE. IE has been the bane of the Internet for years.

  12. i’ll try. thank you very much catherine :)

  13. oh chrome really works. thanks so much!!!!!

  14. You are welcome :-)

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