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While Tod’s specialty is reviewing Thai language schools in Bangkok (scroll down further for the reviews), in his years studying Thai he’s collected a few language learning tips.

Tod’s Reviews…

Tod Daniels

Tod Daniels: Reviewing Thai Language Schools in Bangkok…

For years, Tod Daniels has made it his hobby to check out Thai language schools in the Bangkok area. And when he can, he collects their study materials. Not wanting to keep all this information to himself, Tod started sharing his thoughts on the ThaiVisa Thai forum. Then he agreed to create a series on WLT. And man oh man, is it needed!

Location map: Thai Language Schools…

Below is a location map for the schools reviewed so far. If you have a school you’d like Tod to review, please contact us.

Blue: reviewed school
Pink: coming review

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Tod Daniels | toddaniels at gmail dot com
(who BTW: is NOT affiliated with any Thai language school)

Interview: Tod Daniels is Getting by With Learning Thai