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Trash Hero Kids of Thailand: How to Say NO to Straws in Thai

How to Say NO to Straws in Thai…

Rubbish in Thailand has reached massive levels, which is why the Trash Hero Kids (Ao Nang) have taken to YouTube. The post How to say NO in Thai to plastic bags shared their first video, this is their second.

The Gulf of Thailand as communal trash bin: On a per-capita basis, Thais are among the world’s top users of disposable plastic bags. Thanks to our carelessness, our country has become a major contributor to the garbage that fouls the oceans – one of five nations collectively responsible for 60 per cent of the plastic found at sea, according to a 2015 report by US-based advocacy group Ocean Conservancy. (Sharing in our guilt are China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam).

I don’t know why Myanmar isn’t on that list. On a recent trip I could see huge piles of rubbish thrown into dry riverbeds, just waiting for the rainy season to wash everything out to sea. It was awful. I drove by field after field totally cluttered with plastic waste.

It is not too much to expect Thais to gradually become just as intolerant to wastage. We need an integrated approach to tackle the issue. Let’s get serious about recycling and reuse. Let’s kick the plastic habit. Let’s teach our children not to litter, and instead to think about alternative uses for “waste that isn’t waste”. Let’s see more trash bins in public places and effective garbage collection too. And, instead of bickering over coal-derived power, let’s set up emission-controlled incinerators that turn all that refuse into useable energy.

A regional approach to tackle the issue is desperately needed – will Thailand lead the way?

For even more information, go to PlasticOceans.org and BiologicalDiversity.org.

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Trash Hero Kids of Thailand: Say NO to Plastic Bags

How to say NO in Thai to plastic bags…

Now, who watched that video without a smile on their face? No one, I’m betting!

Here are two more possibilities for saying NO to plastic bags: ไม่ใส่ถุง ครับ/ค่ะ /mâi sài tŭng kráp/kâ/ Or ไม่เอาถุง ครับ/ค่ะ /mâi ao tŭng kráp/kâ/

Thailand has an awful problem with plastic bags polluting the countryside and waterways and those at Trash Hero Ao Nang are certainly doing their bit.

If you can’t physically help out, get the attention of 7/11 (also known as Thailand’s Trashy Problem Child) via this online petition: You love Thailand: Demand 7/11 to stop polluting it.

Stay tuned for Episode Two, “Say NO to straws!”

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