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Thai Language Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets

Free and almost free Thai language downloads: cheat sheets, mini courses, and tips…

Learning any language takes a lot of work, and Thai takes the cake. But, there are ways to make it easier. Call them cheat sheets. Call them shortcuts. Whatever. I call them mighty fine.

Cheat sheets from Stuart Jay Raj (free download)…

In Stu’s post, Jazz Lessons on Language – Improvisation 101 – Stuart Jay Raj’s Indic Script Compass, there are two cheat sheets mentioned. One (Indic Script Consonant Compass) you can download from his post. The other (Thai Consonant Map) is on WLT until further notice.

Indic Script Consonant Compass v1.0 – Southeast Asian Version (Pdf download 636 kb)

Thai Consonant Map – Phonetic Map of the Human Mouth (Pdf download 948 kb)

(Thanks Stu!)

Thai language cheat sheet (free download)…

This intensive and well-researched cheat sheet includes classes, tone marks, clusters, symbols, final consonants and more (beginners will need keep a grammar book handy). English, transliteration and Thai script.

Thai Language Cheat Sheet A4 (Pdf download 124 kb)

Thai Language Cheat Sheet Letter (Pdf download 124 kb)

(thanks NguuMuu)

Mark Hollow’s Thai Reading and Writing Summary pdf.

Thai Consonant Sounds Initial-Ending (free download)…

If your aim is to study the initial and ending sounds of the Thai alphabet, then simple is sometimes the best. Print it out, fold it in half, and then quiz yourself until you have them down.

Thai Consonant Sounds Initial-Ending (Pdf download 41 kb)

(thanks Tod Daniels)

Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary Download…

These Thai vocabulary and phrases are compiled from Myke Hawke’s book, The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast. To find out more, read the FREE: Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary Download post.

Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary A4 (Pdf download 436 kb)

Advanced Thai Reading and Vocabulary Building…

Hugh Leong from www.retire2thailand.com generously released three free pdf downloads: Advanced Thai Reading and Vocabulary Building, which includes a vocabulary list to go with it.

Thai script card, 1000 words and more (free download)…

Ben Crowder from Riverglen Press has three downloads on his site. The last two are for the religious minded, the Thai script card is for everyone: Thai script card, 1000 Word List, and the Book of Remembrance.

Thai language building terms (free download)…

Too late for my Thai building experience, this handy sheet covers ceilings, foundations and footings, windows and doors, electricity and bathrooms. The Thai script is linked to thai2english.com. English, transliteration and Thai script.

Thai Building Terms (Excel download 38 kb)

(thanks Andy)

English-Thai housing/shop rental contract…

Download a free, bilingual English-Thai housing/shop rental contract that you can use to rent from a Thai landlord.

(thanks goes to Chris from slice-of-thai.com)

Thai alphabet flashcards (free)…

The Thai consonant and vowel flashcard download from slice-of-thai.com solves the transliteration dilemma by leaving the choice up to you. And if you don’t know what I mean, you soon will!

Thai alphabet shortcut (US$15 download)…

60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet
Readers of WLT will already read know about 60 min from Top Thai Language Learning Resources and The Easy Way for Beginners to Read and Write Thai. Yes, there’s that word again. Easy. And it is easy to learn the Thai alphabet with 60 min. Dead easy.

Basic Thai phrases cheat sheet (US$$8.95 + postage)…

Thai Fetch-a-Phrase
Over 30 sentences with a rather decent list of nouns, verbs, adjectives, time modifiers, etc (my Thai teacher was quite chuffed). The idea is to mix and match with the appropriate sentence. Quite clever really. The downside? The folded laminated sheet is too bulky for carrying around. English and transliteration, no Thai script.

Basic Thai phrases (US$$6.95 + postage)…

Instant Thai
As it says on the front cover of the book – express 1,000 different ideas with 100 key words and phrases. I quite like the idea of Instant Thai as it’d go well with Thai Fetch-a-Phrase. English, transliteration and Thai script included.

Thai language phrase books…

As I’m out of time, a future post will review Thai language phrase books.

Note: This post will continue to be edited to include cheat sheets and shortcuts. If you have any to share, please contact me.

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  1. Muay Thai Training Thailand

    December 20, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    Thankyou so much. I find it so difficult to learn to speak thai due to the tonal system. I think that being able to read thai is the best way to fully understand the language.

  2. I agree, being able to read Thai will open up the language in a big way. And using 60min was ‘the’ way for me.

    Btw – Good luck on your Muay Thai training courses. I don’t know a lot about Thai boxing (only that it comes up whenever I google Thai langauge), but it reads interesting.

  3. The alphabet shortcut says that I can learn the alphabet in 60 minutes. Is this possible?

  4. I guess that depends on you. Your dedication and how swift you are.

    I’m not good at languages, so it took longer that that.

    But as I’d previously been struggling with one of those Thai Alphabet wall charts, I was quite chuffed to be able to learn at the rate I did.

  5. Boise, You CANNOT learn the Thai alphabet in 60 minutes. This is just a gimmick. The Thai alphabet is quite difficult to learn, it will take you probably a month or so if you are dedicated. That is unless you have a superbrain, the chances of which are, statistically speaking, very low.

  6. Hate to disappoint you Alex, but it does not take a month when using 60 Minutes… and trust me, I’m no superbrain.

  7. It may be easy to learn the alphabet with 60 minutes, but if you are a serious learner of Thai, I wouldn’t want to learn that way, because you are establishing the wrong associations with the letters. Anyone can learn the Thai alphabet in about 4 weeks by just picking up some children alphabet books and writing out the letters and simple exercises for a few hours a day. Dead easy too.

  8. Jack, everyone learns languages differently, so who is to say what is best for others?

    Besides, isn’t the real objective to learn?

  9. Here Here, Cat!!! Applause from the peanut gallery!

    I like that your approach is to put forth all the methods and resources you can find (and you’ve done an excellent job)so that anyone who wants to learn can try several different methods, and eventually find what ‘clicks’ for them.

  10. Thanks Lynn. I figured that would be the way to go as it makes it easier for readers to compare what is out there.

    I spend hours looking for resources and not everyone wants to do that. But this way, they can just come here.

  11. I’m cruising your site right now to see if you have a free online phrase book…Wouldn’t be surprised! You have TONS OF GOOD STUFF!

  12. I’m keeping the phrase books a secret… :-)

  13. Heads up: I’ve just added Hugh Long’s ‘Advanced Thai Reading and Vocabulary Building’ and Ben Crowder’s files from Riverglen Press.

  14. Thanks again, this site has been a godsend just before I head off for an extended holiday!

  15. Another heads up: I’ve just added Tod Daniel’s Thai Consonant Sounds Initial-Ending cheat sheet (free download). Thanks Tod!

  16. Useful spreadsheets I found
    Apologies if these have already been mentioned and I missed them!

  17. Dear Catherine,
    Thank you for compiling such good resources. I’m new here and i find your website really helpful!!!!

  18. Thanks Jonathan (I’ll check them out).

    You are welcome Kay Ng :-)

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