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Thai Language: The Introduction…

Learning any language is difficult for first timers. Learning a tonal language makes it doubly so. Well, that’s what I tell myself anyway.

From my research, apparently I’m more of a visual learner than anything else. And no good telling me to just jump in there and converse, I also need to own what I’m learning. Does that make sense?

Sure, I have a growing Thai vocabulary. But, at this point, the new words coming in do not get parroted out. Not yet knowing the fine details of learning a language, I’m chalking it up to a shy nature combined with my great-gran’s controlling personality.

And that’s where this site comes in. I’ll take my present skills (research, photography and design) to discover the way I learn languages best.

Research for methods. Photography for illustration. Design because it works.

To narrow it down even further, I’ll focus on Thai language learning resources that both expat men and women can use.

Why? Well, it’s only when you start looking around for Thai language courses that the male dominance becomes noticeable. And truthfully, I have a hard enough time learning a language without being made to say ‘crap’ at the end of each and every sentence.

So expect to read about the Thai language as an expat female finds it. From struggles to elations, to groans and grins. With (hopefully) limited cultural snafus.

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My passion is promoting the Thai language. Fullstop. Oh, and traveling. I'm passionate about that as well. And photography too.

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